How to add a signature line in Word on a Mac.

A signature line can be just your name or include several lines of information. Learn how to create one in Word on a Mac.

The signature line at the end of a letter or other document provides the reader with information about who sent the document to them. More formal documents may also include a title, phone, and email address, but for informal letters and notes, a name and signature are often enough.

Steps to add a signature line in Word.

If you plan to print the Word document and send it by mail, you can create a signature line by underlining blank spaces, then print it and sign with a pen. It’s a good practice to type your name under the signature line. Or if you want to sign digitally, you can easily use Adobe Acrobat Sign to insert signatures into Word documents.

These steps show how to add a signature line in Word on Mac computers:

  1. At the end of your document, type your closing salutation. Common words include, Sincerely, Respectfully, Regards, or similar expressions.
  2. Type your signature or add a digital signature.
  3. Create a new line and type your name.
  4. Type your title, phone number, and email address on subsequent lines for more formal documents.

To protect the contents of your document, it’s a good practice to save it as a PDF before emailing it to others. If you need to capture signatures from others, there are great tools to help you create a signature block for that too.

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