How to add a signature to Pages on an iPad.

Learn two ways to sign a Pages document on your iPad. Sign in a drawing box, or use Markup to add your signature to a PDF.

The easiest way to sign a Pages document on your iPad is to click the Plus sign icon at the top of the Pages screen and choose Drawing from the drop-down menu. A box will appear, and you’re ready to sign your name with your finger.

This method is simple, but anyone with access to the Pages document can edit or delete the signature. To add the signature you’ve already saved on your iPad to a document before emailing it, try converting the Pages document to a PDF and then using the Markup utility.

Steps to add a signature to Pages before emailing.

The Markup utility on your iPad is great for highlighting and making notes on documents. It also comes with a signature feature. Bring up the utility by tapping a document on your device, and you're ready to add your signature. It’s a quick and easy way to sign something you want to email to others.

Simply follow the steps below to add signature to Pages on an iPad:

  1. Convert the Pages document to PDF and attach it to your email.
  2. Tap the attachment and select Markup.
  3. On the Markup toolbar, tap the Plus icon and select Signature.
  4. If it’s your first time, use your finger to sign. Next time, your saved signature will be waiting.
  5. Sign with your finger or select your saved signature.
  6. Move your signature to the location you want.
  7. Tap Done in the upper left corner—you’re ready to email your signed document.

You can use e-signatures to keep all your important documents organized and in sync. Plus, with online tools signatures are quick and easy — just drag, drop, and sign.

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