Can you invoice yourself?

Businesses have different workflows and structures which is why some individuals may need to invoice themselves from time to time.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even larger corporations work with other companies to get things done — and plenty of business professionals own more than one company.

Usually, when a business purchases products or contracts for services from another, an invoice records the transaction details. If one of your businesses contracts work from another business that you also own, you may be wondering whether it’s useful to invoice yourself.

When business owners invoice themselves.

If you own or are a partner for more than one business, you may invoice yourself for services rendered. For example, your construction business contracts work from your house painting business — now you need an invoice to document the transaction and keep track of payments.

However, it’s strongly recommended to check with an accounting professional and possibly a business attorney first. Invoicing your own company may lead to complicated tax situations and make accounting more challenging.

Streamline invoice workflows.

Once you’ve decided it’s appropriate to invoice yourself, it’s recommended you use an e-signature and document software application to keep track of each transaction. To simplify complex workflows, integrate with Acrobat Sign to create, send, and sign professional-looking invoices.

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