Document management systems (DMS) software in higher education

Learn how colleges and universities can ditch the paperwork and streamline their documentation processes by going digital.

The move to go paperless in higher education doesn’t just benefit the classroom — it can save a lot of stress and create efficiencies on the administrative side, too. One way to do this is with a Document Management System (DMS). Let’s explore how colleges and universities can use this software to keep processes moving without having to push physical paperwork.

What is a school document management system?

A Document Management System, or DMS for short, is a type of software that helps your school go paperless with administrative tasks. With a DMS, you can digitally receive, track, manage, and store student documents in a single, secure place.

Most DMS companies offer a suite of services so you can customize the software to fit your school’s needs. Common paperwork and documentation that schools may choose to take online include student enrollment, transcripts, health records, financial aid, housing, food services, and tuition bills — just to name a few.

The benefits of using a DMS in your school.

There are many reasons that you may want to implement DMS software in your school. For starters, it’s an easy way to streamline enrollment processes for incoming students, which could otherwise be a significant burden on office staff. Searchable parameters within the software also make it easy to quickly find a given document, which helps to improve efficiency while saving you from administrative headaches.

Traditional paper storage can also take up valuable real estate on many college and university campuses — space that could be put to better use as offices, classrooms, or for other needs. And last but certainly not least, a DMS can also offer your school more secure storage than paper copies in a filing cabinet.

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