Electronic academic record keeping: an overview.

Learn more about the electronic storage of academic records at the college and university level.

For every student that enrolls in college or university, there’s undoubtedly a stack of administrative paperwork that follows. As paperless education becomes more common, it’s no surprise that many schools are also looking for ways to ditch the paperwork on the administrative side. Let’s explore one way schools can cut down on paper use by digitizing academic records.

How to store academic records electronically.

All schools need a safe and secure method for storing student records — and also one that is easily accessible to administrative staff. This is where Document Management System (DMS) software comes into play.

As its name suggests, DMS software helps to streamline, store, and manage different types of academic records for your students in one centralized location, all while reducing the need for physical paperwork.

Types of academic records to store.

When talking about academic records, the first thing that typically comes to mind is student transcripts, but there is so much more that your school can store with DMS software. Here are some of the records you may want to consider for electronic storage, and what each means:

If your school is considering making the transition from paper to paperless, these academic records can be transformed from mounds of paperwork into a streamlined digital process. Take a moment today to learn more about what is possible with Acrobat Sign to free up physical space and keep your electronic documents moving.