How to digitize and manage government records and documents.

Learn how to digitize government documents to simplify storage solutions and maximize citizen access to information.

What is a government document?

A government document is any record, form, or article created or received by either the President, Congress, court system, or any other government employee for their official duties. As you might imagine, with the number of services the government offers, the government creates millions and millions of documents each year, and they all need to be filed and stored.

How to digitize government documents.

Creating digital government documents isn’t difficult — really, it’s just about the same as scanning a piece of paper. The trick is to make sure that any files you pull get refiled correctly after scanning. Stay organized when digitizing government documents by following these steps:

  1. Pull files
  2. Scan documents using a high-quality scanner
  3. Refile original documents

Many government agencies choose to outsource the digitization process to save time and ensure quality.

Benefits of going digital.

It takes time and money to manage and store physical documents, not to mention all the space required. Transforming physical documents into digital files compresses entire libraries of information onto a space-saving hard drive.

Not only does it save space, but digital government documents are also easier to search. Instead of using card catalogs and browsing through shelves, you can do a simple search command and find anything you want within seconds from any device.

Because of its speed, digitizing government documents simplifies the way agencies interact with the public. With e-signature software like Acrobat Sign, citizens can even fill out official forms and sign up for government services with the click of a button. They don’t need to wait days to mail forms or visit buildings in person.

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