How do paperless schools function?

Learn how schools are ditching paper in favor of digital processes, from administration tasks to classroom teaching.

The decision to go paperless in schools can save time, money, and space — but the actual transition from physical paperwork to digital processes can feel like a daunting one. You might be wondering what paperless systems are schools using, and which ones could be right for your school. Let’s break down some of the available options for going paperless.

In the office.

Administrators can streamline the admissions process by replacing physical copies of enrollment data with student information systems. These systems can go further than just registering a student, too — you can also use them to track academic transcripts and store necessary information like emergency contacts.

Office staff can turn commonly used forms into fillable PDFs, nixing the need for paper while making the documents easily searchable on computers. The ability to collect e-signatures from parents — for field trips, tuition payments, student absences, and more — creates quicker turnaround times and also eliminates the need for the parent to come to school.

Online payment options for tuition via e-commerce platforms also save on paper while decreasing the manual hours otherwise necessary to collect, record, and process payments.

In the classroom.

To decrease paper use in the classroom, teachers can digitize teaching materials and upload them to a cloud-based system where students can access the material from anywhere. Laptops and smart devices can aid in additional note-taking.

Teachers can also invite parents to go online with parent portals that share information about grades, attendance, and disciplinary information.

Digital hall passes are even available to replace paper ones. These e-passes can improve classroom management by allowing students to request bathroom access from their student devices, while teachers can approve from theirs.

Whether your school makes the paperless transition in stages or all at once, going digital can greatly benefit the classroom and related administrative processes. Take a moment to discover everything that’s possible with Acrobat Sign today.