Benefits of electronic timesheets: Get paid faster.

Learn how you and your employees can get paid faster by integrating electronic timesheets into your payroll system.

Who doesn’t like getting their money sooner? Electronic timesheets can make it faster and easier to process payroll so that everyone gets their money without all the headaches. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of electronic timesheets and how you can create your own.

The benefits of electronic timesheets.

Electronic timesheets have a variety of benefits, from being much easier to fill out to including features that allow you to automatically collect their data and process it in the payroll. The key features that make electronic timesheets so appealing include:

How to create your own electronic timesheets.

Creating your own basic electronic timesheet is fairly straightforward. To make one, you’ll need these basic fields:

  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. Department
  4. Date
  5. Week ending date
  6. Weekly calendar with input fields for hours worked
  7. Signature

To add an additional layer of security, you’ll want to make sure you enable e-signatures on your electronic timesheets so you can verify the signatures on each timesheet submitted.

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