How to number invoices.

Not sure of the best way to organize your billing? Learn how to number invoices and stay on top of your business accounting.

Invoice numbers are the second-most important number on an invoice— after the amount due, of course. They’re unique identifiers that make it easy for your team to search invoices on a computer, or find copies in a filing cabinet, to help ensure everyone stays on the same page.

Different methods to number invoices.

Although numbering is an essential part of any invoicing process, there’s not one “right” way to do it. Here are some of the most common methods businesses use to determine how to create an invoice number:

Many businesses combine several methods to stay organized. If you wanted to combine all three numbering methods, you could create an invoice for customer 1234 on September 29th, 2022, that looks like this: 1234-20220929-001.

Which method is right for you?

Ultimately, there’s no “best” way to number invoices. It all depends on which method works for your business.

Once you determine which method you prefer, you can start numbering and sending invoices to clients and easily stay on top of billing.