How to personalize your e-signature.

Learn how to create a legal electronic signature that is also personalized and instantly recognizable.

A legal e-signature can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Your typed name in a digital document works fine, but you can also digitize your handwritten e-signature. Personalizing your e-signature is easy, but there’s one common misconception about it.

Read on and learn how you can create a unique personalized e-signature.

Can you draw your signature?

It’s widely believed that you can simply “draw” a signature onto a digital document. Stop right there. If you receive a digital contract or form, the last thing you should do is attempt to start drawing directly on it with graphics editing or illustration software.

Most digital documents are in PDF format. You can add e-signatures to PDF files because of the embedded security and legal certifications the format carries. If you open a PDF in a graphics program to draw on it, you may void some of these certificates. As a result, the signature may not be binding.

Personalize your signature with the right software.

But if you want a hand-drawn e-signature, there’s good news — you can easily create one with e-signature software. For example, Adobe Acrobat Sign lets you easily customize your signature.

When you open a PDF document and select a signature prompt, Acrobat Sign will ask how you’d like to create your signature. You can simply type your name, of course. But you can also draw a signature with a mouse or stylus if you have a touchscreen device. Or you can upload a scanned image of a previously written signature to reproduce your own personal style.

With these options, you can make your signature as simple or elaborate as you like while still keeping the document secure and legally compliant. Once you’ve added your signature, you can finalize and easily share the PDF file with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Find out everything that’s possible with Acrobat Sign today.