How to remove a signature from a PDF.

Learn more about how and when you can remove signatures from a PDF document.

While it’s easy to create a digital signature and sign a PDF, removing one isn’t quite as simple. PDFs are intentionally difficult to edit. That’s what makes them secure and trusted documents. After all, you probably wouldn’t want someone else to be able to change a document after collecting your signature. Depending on the situation, though, you may still be able to remove your signature if you need to. Let’s explore how and when you can do this.

Delete a signature from a document.

If you are working within your own PDF document, you may occasionally notice a typo or other error after you have already signed it. If you’re the only signer, here’s how to remove your signature from the PDF:

  1. Navigate to your signature.
  2. Right-click.
  3. Select Clear Signature.

This will allow you to remove your signature and edit the document as necessary. When you finish, you can upload and re-sign the PDF online, collect additional signatures if necessary, or share it with others.

Keep in mind that you can only remove your own signature. If a document already has other signers and the signature you need to remove isn’t yours, you’ll need to ask those signers to remove their names as well before you can successfully edit it.

Difficulty removing a signature.

In some cases, you might not be able to remove even your own signature. For example, if the document belongs to someone else, the owner may choose to lock it after signing to prevent any future edits. If this occurs, the document becomes read-only and you won’t be able to remove your signature. If removing it is critical, you will need to ask the document owner to send you a new, unlocked copy.

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