How to sign a PDF on Android.

Want to add your legal signature to documents on the go? Learn how to sign a PDF on Android using an app or online PDF editing software.

You can’t always be in the office to sign important documents. Luckily, it’s easy to add your legal signature to documents right from your mobile device. Here are the two basic ways to sign a PDF using an Android device.

Download a PDF editor app.

There’s always an app for everything, and that includes signing PDFs. There are several PDF editor apps available through the Google Play store designed specifically for Android devices.

Once you find the PDF editing app of your choice, simply log into the service, open the file you want to sign using the app, select “Fill & Sign,” draw your signature or upload a saved signature, and tap “Done.” The document will now have your official signature and is ready to share.

Sign the PDF using your Android’s browser.

If you already have too many apps on your phone and don’t have the space (or desire) for another, you can also sign PDFs on Android using an online PDF editor.

Using your device’s web browser, visit the PDF editor website of your choice and follow these steps:

  1. Upload the PDF you want to sign.
  2. Use the toolbar to complete the fillable form and add your electronic signature.
  3. Rename and save the document.
  4. Download the completed form to your mobile device or get a shareable link.

Since the entire process is done through your web browser, you won’t have to worry about yet another app taking up your phone’s precious storage space — which means more space to store photos of your pet or funny memes you found online.

Sign documents on the go

There’s no need to be in the office or even near a computer to sign important documents. By downloading a PDF editor app or visiting an online PDF editor, you can add your legal signature with a touch of your finger right from your Android device. It couldn’t be easier.