How e-signatures can speed up recruitment.

Don’t let slow mail or unresponsive recipients slow down your recruitment. Discover how e-signatures can give your hiring process a speed boost.

Recruitment is an essential part of running most businesses, but it’s also a process that can get bogged down. This is particularly true when signing hiring documents — papers can get delayed or lost in mail, and you’re never quite sure when you can expect to get them back. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

Signing your documents online with e-signatures can greatly speed up recruitment.

Sign documents with speed and convenience.

E-signatures, or electronic signatures, are digital methods used to express approval of a document. They’re legally recognized and much faster to request and process than handwritten signatures.

There’s no need to print and mail your employee agreement — you can simply send a PDF file through email or file sharing services. Adding an e-signature to a document takes only a couple of mouse clicks.

Keep track of your hiring process.

Good e-signature solutions allow you to track all signature requests. You won’t have to wonder what the status of your documents are; you can check it at anytime, anywhere. You’ll also get instant notifications when your new hire opens and signs the contract.

Improve security.

You can set e-signature security and authentication requirements to your preferences. You can rest assured that the document has been signed appropriately by the correct people.

Boost your recruitment process with e-signatures.

Adobe Sign’s comprehensive package of e-signature tools can help make recruitment faster. Easily request signatures, track and manage your documents, work on mobile devices, and more.

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