What you need to know before renting your home.

Looking to rent out your property? Here are the most important factors you must consider before you sign a rental agreement.

Renting out a house is a great way to generate income from a property, but the process is far from simple. First-time landlords in particular may be at a loss about everything that should be considered before signing a house rental agreement with a tenant.

Here we cover the most important things you need to account for — from finding tenants to speeding up the process with e-signatures.

Double check local laws.

The first thing to do is check whether you can legally rent your property. Make sure you understand all local tenancy laws before you rent out a house. If you need help, consult a trusted attorney or other professional.

Find a reliable tenant.

Online services are a good option for listing your house for potential tenants. Remember to ask for all of their personal information, including SSN and approval for credit and background checks. Don’t forget to request references as well.

Determine the appropriate rental charge.

Check the prices on the housing market in your area. Newspapers, online sites, and neighborhood bulletins are good sources. Remember to be realistic with rent levels.

Take care of insurance and property management.

Comprehensive insurance is a must. Encourage your tenant to buy renter’s insurance as well. It can also be a good idea to hire a property management company to take care of the everyday business of managing the house.

Protect yourself with a rental agreement.

Always write a clear house rental agreement to protect both yourself and the tenant. Make sure the tenant has read and properly signed the contract. E-signatures make it easier for you to request signatures and track the signing process.

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