How to improve contract approval process efficiencies.

Contract approval is an essential part of the purchasing process. Learn more about how your company can streamline the contract approval process to keep work moving forward.

A contract approval process is needed to ensure your company can acquire the goods and services it needs to operate. But what happens when the approval process causes delays in getting work done? Try using a PDF contract approval request form and electronic signatures to keep the approval process moving along.

Steps to avoid contract approval delays.

To examine and understand all the various terms and conditions of a contract can be a lengthy process. But sometimes, to keep work moving forward, there isn’t time to complete a long process — for example, when your company needs to bring on a new subcontractor in a hurry. Having a streamlined approval process can help you get contracts approved and signed quickly.

Here are some ideas to help speed up the contract approval process:

  1. Use a concurrent approval process rather than a consecutive one. Email an editable PDF version of the contract to all the approvers simultaneously, rather than to one after the other. Then integrate their responses into a final draft for the last review.
  2. Limit the contract review process to only those business leaders with a direct stake in the contract being examined. The sales department, for example, may not need to be included in the approval process of a contract for a new office cleaning service.
  3. Authorize short-term contingency contracts that will allow work to move forward while the complete agreement is reviewed and negotiated.

Remember, you can streamline your company’s contract approval process using PDF forms with electronic signatures. Don’t waste time printing approval requests and waiting for managers to sign them. Simply email a PDF approval request that managers can sign electronically.

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