How to win a bid for a freelancing job.

Learn what every freelance bid proposal should include in order to increase your chances of winning contract work.

When applying to jobs or gigs as a freelancer, you're generally required to submit a bid on a particular project. This bid proposal should include your rate, completion timeline, and any relevant experience you have that makes you the right person for the job. Learn more about how to write a winning freelancer bid that will entice a client to hire you for the project.

How to win bids on freelancer and similar sites.

While it might seem like bidding is simply a numbers game, that's not exactly the case. And it’s more than only applying to jobs that meet your desired pay and skill set. Ask yourself if you have a true interest in the subject, then take the time to craft a personalized proposal that demonstrates your interest.

Before submitting, get familiar with freelance bid proposal samples to see what they typically include. Additionally, for every bid make sure you:

Whether you’re submitting bids on a freelancer site or other job site, include these essential elements to increase your chances of getting the gig.

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