What to include in your freelance invoice template.

Discover the keys to writing a professional, comprehensive invoice for freelance work. Just follow these six simple steps.

Freelancing in any industry or niche can be an exciting career move. Freelancing offers freedom, flexibility, and certain perks that don’t always go hand in hand with working in-house for an organization.

But freelancing comes with its own challenges too. Invoicing is one of them. How exactly do freelancers write up invoices for their work, and further, how can you be sure you’re doing it right when it comes time to create yours?

What is a freelance invoice?

A freelance invoice is a document you create that lists the services or products you provided to a client. Let’s say you’re a freelance artist: If someone commissions a painting from you, you’d create a freelance invoice that tells your client how much they need to pay you to purchase that painting.

How to write an invoice for freelance work: the six steps.

Streamline your invoicing strategy.

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