Paperless registration: the new way to go back to school.

Beat the back-to-school paper shuffle by moving registration forms and more online.

The switch to paperless registration for schools doesn’t just save trees — it also saves a lot of headaches. Misplaced papers, incomplete information, and repetitive forms can create unnecessary stress for both parents and administrators. Let’s look at some of the possible ways to go digital with registration and make the start of school a little bit easier.

Swap these paper forms for digital.

While every school year brings with it a mountain of papers to sign and return, the largest source of paper comes at the beginning of the year. Whether your school chooses education-specific software, parent portals, or a combination of online options, here are three back-to-school elements to consider moving online:

Whether your school makes one change or all three, moving toward more paperless options can simplify processes, save time and money, and reduce miscommunication and storage space so everyone can have a smoother start to the new school year.

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