What is a SIS (Student Information System)?

Learn more about Student Information Systems and how this paperless option might benefit your school operations.

Imagine an online space where administrators, teachers, students, and parents can easily access important documents and communicate effectively all in one place — that’s exactly what a Student Information System (SIS) can offer in your own school. Let’s dive into what it means to ditch the physical paperwork and adopt an SIS, as well as some of the benefits of making the switch.

SIS explained.

An SIS is a web-based platform that collects and stores school-wide data online, helping your school go digital and reducing the need for physical paper records.

While these types of platforms may vary in detail and scope, most are customizable, so you can set up yours to best fit your school’s specific needs. A typical SIS may include administrative documentation — such as student enrollment and tuition payments — as well as classroom information like attendance, test scores, and class schedules.

The benefits of operating an SIS school.

Massive amounts of paperwork in schools can translate to misplaced documents, missing forms, overstuffed filing cabinets — not to mention a whole lot of headaches. When you make the switch to digital, the SIS will store essential data and documents in one searchable place that’s easy to access for everyone. In addition to saving money on printing, that helps free up staff time from managing physical documents and cuts down on related storage space requirements.

In addition to helping administrators, an SIS benefits students and parents too. Students can communicate with their teachers on assignments via an SIS, while parents can access portals to update their child’s health records, review their grades, and even sign consent forms electronically for field trips and more.

Whether your school makes the paperless transition in stages or all at once, going digital can greatly benefit the classroom and related administrative processes. Take a moment to discover everything that’s possible with Adobe Sign today.