Three ways SMBs can tackle the supply chain disruption.

Small to medium sized businesses across the world are facing major issues when it comes to getting supplies. Here are three ways SMBs can tackle the supply chain disruption.

Track inventory.

If you’re not sure whether or when you’ll be able to get supplies, it’s essential to know what you already have in stock. Take this time to track your inventory closely and make note of what needs replenishing.

When you know exactly what you have in stock, you can more easily keep production moving when supplies run low. You’ll know exactly when you’re about to run out of a specific supply and can better anticipate changes. That will make you better prepared to minimize disruptions in your own operation.

Look for alternative products.

With such an unpredictable supply chain, you might not always have access to the supplies you need. To help tackle the supply chain disruptions, start now to look into alternative products you can use to keep operations moving in a pinch.

Find new vendors.

If you can’t get what you need from an existing supplier, look for a new vendor who can fulfill your request. Other vendors might have access to the same supplies through a different source. The more vendors you know, the more places you can search for supplies to keep your business going.

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