What is an applicant tracking system?

Learn more about this HR software and how you can use it in your company’s hiring process.

Top employers across the world often receive hundreds of applications for a single job posting, which puts a huge stress on the HR department — especially when multiple roles need to be filled quickly. To help speed up the process and zone in on top talent, hiring teams can use an applicant tracking system. Let’s explore what this is and how you can use it within your own company.

Applicant tracking system explained.

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a type of software that HR departments use as a part of their overall management strategy. This software helps gather and organize information about applicants all in one place and then sorts them based on specific skill sets or experience. An ATS can also track and manage potential hires as they move through the hiring process, including scheduling interviews or collecting necessary signatures to keep the ball rolling.

How an applicant tracking system saves time.

In addition to collecting and sorting applicants, an ATS can also filter out applicants that don’t meet your company’s requirements. That way, the HR department doesn’t have to waste time manually weeding through applicants who don’t quite reach the mark. A company can accomplish this by setting different parameters or by searching for specific keywords within applications. Once the ATS narrows down the best candidates, the hiring team can then take a closer look.

An ATS can be vital if your company manages thousands of applications each year, but even small companies can benefit from a decreased time-to-fill. No matter the size, these systems can help reduce some of the stress of the talent search while helping to narrow down the right person for the job.

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