What is an Online Program Management (OPM) provider?

Discover specialized service providers that help colleges and universities make the switch from in-person to online processes and programs.

With remote learning becoming the norm, long gone are the days when a student must be in a physical classroom to pursue higher education. As more and more colleges and universities adapt their enrollment processes and academic programs for online learning, administrators can turn to a specialist in Online Program Management (OPM) for assistance in making the switch. Let’s explore more about what these providers do.

Go digital with an OPM provider.

If you’re an administrator of a college or university, there are many reasons you may want to take your school online. Maybe you want to offer more flexibility in student schedules or accommodate different types of learning styles. A third-party OPM specialist can help facilitate this digital transition in a multitude of ways.

For example, an OPM provider may redesign traditional coursework to be suitable for a remote learning environment. Or you might hire one to focus strictly on administrative tasks, such as online student recruitment and digital enrollment. OPM providers can also zone in on market research and data collection. Or, you may hire one to handle all of the above and completely digitize your school processes and offerings.

Why should my school partner with an OPM provider?

If your school is considering increasing its online offerings, there are a few reasons an OPM provider may prove useful. For instance, hiring an OPM provider to do the heavy lifting helps streamline the process while reducing the burden on your current academic staff.

Some OPM providers even offer co-investment opportunities, where the provider and your school share the responsibility of both the upfront capital and the revenue. This may help you get your school programs ready for the online world without having to shoulder all of the initial costs.

Whether you take your school online all at once or in stages, going digital can greatly benefit your student reach and other administrative processes. Take a moment to discover everything that’s possible with Acrobat Sign today.