Digital Formats: Desktop video advertising

Bring your brand stories into the digital age.

Desktop video advertising is attracting a new digital audience. Many TV viewers have cut the cord — or come close to it. But don’t count them out. Audiences are going digital, where they are easier to target with personalized rich media. Your content can lead to more engagement than traditional TV could ever offer. With Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can deliver dynamic, interactive video ads within all types of online inventory — and place them next to high-quality content today’s viewers are plugged into.

Shift your ads from the TV screen to the digital screen.

Commercial quality

Commercial quality

Compel viewers with online videos that mimic the behavior of traditional television ads.
Commercial quality

Dynamic, interactive ads

Drive customer engagement with rich media customized for individual audiences. 

Commercial quality

Ultimate branding control

Control what your viewers see and what they can do, so your branding stays consistent throughout their experience.


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