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Licensing InDesign Server


InDesign Server is sold as an annual term license and includes all updates during the term and installation support. Licensing is per server and there is no limit to the number of users but different models are required for internal and external audiences. License types are described below. 


Cost associated

Premium license

For use with automated publishing solutions made accessible to customers or users other than the Licensee’s employees via the Internet in addition to rights to use corporate wide within an intranet. There is no limit on the number of users for this license.  Partners or end users are permitted to use the Premium license model in hosted or SaaS based offerings but InDesign Server must be an integrated component of a solution, not as a standalone service.

$13,500 per year

€13,500 per year

¥1,353,000 per year


Limited license

For use with automated solutions that are made accessible only within a company’s internal network only, limited to employees of Licensee

$5,000 per year

€5,000 per year

¥491,700 per year


Development License

For testing or staging InDesign Server solutions, not for Production use. Produces same output as a Production license with no watermark

$2,100 per year

€2,100 per year

¥254,100 per year

Developer license

Developer license will generate a watermark on all pages output. Release and debug versions of InDesign Server software for developers, which enable them to evaluate the software, prototype, and build the solution. 


Free with Exchange membership 

Trial license

90-day trial version of InDesign Server. Can be converted to Production if license is purchased

Free, available at prerelease site

Licensing FAQ


Is InDesign Server multi-threaded?

InDesign Server is not a multi-threaded application. However, it is possible to use multiple cores and CPUs, and thus scale InDesign Server by running more than one instance of InDesign Server on a single server. Running two instances of InDesign Server on a server approximately doubles the throughput.

Are separate licenses needed for backup or disaster recovery?

No. Copies of InDesign Server can be made for disaster recovery and/or backup in accordance with the End-User License Agreement (EULA), but they cannot be used for live production unless the production server fails. These copies should not be confused with cluster or load-balancing configurations.

How does Adobe define an internal network?

An internal network is a local corporate network or intranet behind a firewall within a single primary domain. It can encompass Cloud based platforms if access is restricted to employees of the licensee


How does Adobe treat Cloud or VPN usage into an internal network?

Cloud or VPN usage is acceptable within an internal network and therefore does not require any special licensing, as long as it does not violate the terms of the licensing model. Installation on Cloud Servers requires a license for every virtual server the software is installed on. 

How do I gain access to the developer version of InDesign Server?

A developer version that watermarks output is available free of charge through the debug version of InDesign Server is available to members of the Exchange program. Solution partners and developers can enroll on that site and request those versions through the Help Desk

Do I need to license different language versions of InDesign Server?

No. There is a single version of InDesign Server that supports document creation and composition in more than 20 languages just as InDesign desktop does.

Is InDesign Server sold under any other Adobe licensing program other than the Forms Licensing Program (FLP)?

If you are buying the InDesign Server component directly from Adobe, it can be included on Enterprise Term License Agreement. If purchasing through a reseller, it is available only through the FLP licensing program.


Is it possible to virtualize or partition a hardware server in order to run single or multiple instances of InDesign Server within individual virtualized operating systems?

Software partitioning is a model of configuration in which multiple instances of operating systems execute cooperatively on a single computer. With either hardware or software partitioning, each instance of the Adobe software requires a separate license. The EULA makes it clear that a license is required for each CPU that is enabled to run the software. The customer must be able to provide proof of partitioning upon request via Adobe’s standard audit rights. A multi-instance license cannot be distributed and installed across multiple virtual partitions, as each virtual partition is considered a unique server requiring a new license.

Can InDesign Server be used in hosted or SaaS-based solutions? 

The Premium license model may be used in hosted or SaaS solutions as long as InDesign Server is an integrated component of a solution, not standalone.

What is the difference between a single- and multi-instance license?

The default installation for InDesign Server is to run as a single-instance license. All InDesign licenses have the rights to run multiple instances but requires additional programming or to be purchased from Adobe partners. Each license can only be used on a single physical (or virtual) server. That means you cannot distribute a license across multiple virtual servers--each requires it's own Server. Customers are pemitted to run InDesign Server on Cloud platforms and must purchase a license for each Cloud server.