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Using modular logic in Authorware

An Authorware piece designed so that the scripts and pieces of the flowline can be reused with minimal rework uses modular logic.

Designing a course to use modular logic
Modular logic and list variables
Page titles as variable drivers
Paging structure and modular logic

Amy Blankenship

Amy Blankenship is a Senior Engineering Instructor working for Litton DSD. Litton DSD makes interactive multimedia training, primarily for Naval applications. Amy fell into Authorware development in 1996 by way of being a Graphic Designer on a courseware project for another division of Litton. She has found that the programming part of courseware develoment, far from being dull and boring, is even more interesting and challenging than the graphic part.

July 30, 1999

modular logic, design, navigation, authoring, Interaction