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Editing a map file with the Authorware Web Packager

This section contains information you'll need only if you need to change the file names in a map file or if your Authorware piece uses transition Xtras, Director movies, or Windows DLLs.

Authorware Web Packager produces a map file (extension .AAM ) that gives the Authorware Web Player the information it needs to retrieve the segments of a piece. A map file always contains the location of the piece and a list of the segments. In addition, a map file may contain lists of library files and external files used with the piece. Authorware Web Packager has built-in map file editing capabilities, but because a map file is a text file, you can also edit it using a text editior after an Authorware piece has been placed on a server.

Of the eight types of lines in the map file, the type you're most likely to want to edit or add is the bin line for external content. You may also want to edit segment lines or library lines.

If you produce Macintosh and Windows versions of a piece, there's another reason to edit the map file. You can combine the Macintosh and Windows map files into a single file, which makes it simpler for users on either platform to run your piece. See Combining Macintosh and Windows map files.

General map file format
Platform values
Editing segment lines
Editing library lines
Editing external content lines
External file options
Downloading external files to a Macintosh computer
Using Transition Xtras
Playing Director movies
Using custom fonts
Adding a new line
Combining Macintosh and Windows map files
Multiple locations