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Macromedia Authorware Support Center - Basics
Creating a simple Authorware piece

Getting started
Importing a graphic
Creating text
Setting text properties
Creating a second line of text
Aligning objects in separate display icons
Setting screen transitions
What you've learned

Orson Kellogg

This article is an excerpt from "Authorware 4 Authorized" from Macromedia Press. This book contains the curriculum used at Macromedia's Authorized Training Centers. The book and companion CD provide 20 hours of hands-on training for the beginner user. Lessons are presented in manageable, step-by-step work sessions, so you can work through the course at your own pace. Master the basics, then build on your skills by adding interactivity. The cross-platform CD contains the full-featured, working model version of Authorware 4, practice files of all the lessons, plus completed versions to compare with your own results. Covers Shockwave for Authorware.

Authorware 4 Authorized is available by calling Peachpit Press at 800-283-9444 or by visiting the Peachpit Press web site. It's also available at quality bookstores everywhere.

June 2, 1997