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Learning Authorware 4

Learning Authorware 4 is a new and improved version of the tutorial that appears in Using Authorware, the guide that comes with Authorware 4.

In this tutorial you'll re-create Earth, Sky, & Water, an example of an Authorware piece. As you build each section, you'll learn and practice the mechanics of using Authorware. Because some of the tasks would be repetitive, we've provided two files at various stages of completion to save you unnecessary work.

Download the files you'll need to build Earth, Sky, & Water
Download the Windows file (1.5MB)
Download the Macintosh file eswfiles.sea.hqx (2.1MB)

To work online
Learning Authorware 4—A Tutorial

To work offline
Download the text of the tutorial in HTML format and open the files in your web browser:

Download the Windows file (1.5MB)
Download the Macintosh file tutorial.sea.hqx (2.1MB)