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Query Caching in ColdFusion

Many projects start small with one ColdFusion web server and one database server. Then the development team encounters one of two motivating factors   the need for more uptime (availability) or the need for more capacity (scalability). This article discusses the latter, enhancing scalability through the use of query caching.

Simple Caching Techniques With CFsavecontent

If you've ever had to deal with dynamic web pages, you know that sometimes the results can take a while to process. Whether you use complex SQL queries or other techniques to get data out, actually generating the resulting page may be a slow process. ColdFusion has many tools that you can use to help find slow templates and make them quicker.

Server Caching in ColdFusion

This article explores server caching in ColdFusion, introducing its different pieces and providing examples of how server caching works and its benefits.

ColdFusion best practices for Oracle databases

This article explores integrating Oracle databases into your ColdFusion applications. Techniques unique to Oracle are examined from both a performance and development perspective. While Oracle is used as the example, some of the concepts apply to other database vendors' products as well.

CFQUERYPARAM and Oracle Databases

This document explores how the cfqueryparam tag works, specifically related to Oracle. Most other major relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Informix, also implement bind variables. Smaller desktop databases like Microsoft Access may not. Check with your database vendor, as well as the drivers, to see if bind variables are supported.

Programmatic Caching in ColdFusion

This article discusses CFML coding techniques you can use to cach p-code, perform page output caching, client-side caching, database query caching, and the use of the cachedwithin and cachedafter attributes of the cfquery tag.


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