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ColdFusion Integration with Dreamweaver, GoLive, and UltraDev
This article describes where you can find extension packs, how to install them, and what functions you can expect to find in each. In addition, the ColdFusion features contained in UltraDev are examined.


Working with HomeSite+ and ColdFusion Studio

HomeSite+ and ColdFusion Studio Tutorials and Articles

Extending ColdFusion Studio
Extending and configuring ColdFusion Studio with Tag Editors.

Roll your own features in ColdFusion Studio
Visual Tools Object Model (VTOM) allows the advanced user to manipulate and extend the ColdFusion Studio beyond its core feature set. So, instead of waiting for that next release, we can begin to evolve and tailor the software right away.

WAP features in Macromedia's Studio product line
Macromedia visual tools, such as ColdFusion Studio, JRun Studio, and HomeSite offer a suite of tools for working with WML that simplify the WAP-enablement of existing web applications as well as the creation of new WAP projects.

XHTML coding in HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5
With the new version of HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio, it is even easier to code in XHTML. You can set XHTML-specific options, use coding tools that support the XHTML 1.0 specification, use an XHTML color coding scheme, use a CodeSweeper to reformat your code to be XHTML-compliant, and validate against the XHTML 1.0 specification, all without leaving the product.


Working with Macromedia Flash

With Macromedia Flash MX, you can easily develop Rich Internet Applications that reduce download times and provide a rich user experience. ColdFusion MX introduces new capabilities that leverage the power of Macromedia Flash. Learn more.

Macromedia Flash Tutorials and Articles

Creating forms with UI components in Macromedia Flash MX
Learn how to create a simple order form using the Flash UI components in Macromedia Flash MX, and how to submit the form data using the new LoadVars ActionScript object.

Consuming web services in Macromedia Flash using Macromedia ColdFusion MX
Learn how you can use the Macromedia Flash Remoting service in Macromedia ColdFusion MX to include web services in your Macromedia Flash movies with no server-side programming.

Dynamic Macromedia Flash basics with ColdFusion Server
With Macromedia Flash and ColdFusion Server, you can extend web application user interfaces beyond static HTML. Using the Macromedia Flash Player, you can build rich, interactive web applications and user interfaces.

ColdFusion speaks to Macromedia Flash
You can create dynamic Macromedia Flash-based navigation for your ColdFusion application pages by integrating Flash and ColdFusion. This article explains how to pass ColdFusion URL scope variables to Flash movies and use those variables to control the flow of your movie.


Working with Studio MX 2004

Wildlife Project 1: Planning your Macromedia Studio MX website

Good planning before you begin developing your website can save you time and resources in the future. In this tutorial, the first in a Macromedia Studio MX tutorial series, read about the design and development issues you need to consider before you begin using your Macromedia Studio MX tools.

Wildlife Project 2: Determining data requirements and creating a database

In this tutorial, the second in a series, learn how to plan and build a database that will interact with your web application.

Wildlife Project 3: Sketching your site's navigation scheme

This tutorial, the third in a series, introduces you to basic Macromedia FreeHand drawing tools, and demonstrates how to create preliminary navigation sketches for your website.

Wildlife Project 4: Creating site mock-ups

In this tutorial, the fourth in a series, you'll learn how to use Macromedia FreeHand to plan your website's layout and color scheme. You can then publish your mock-ups as HTML so that others can view your plan in a browser window.

Wildlife Project 5: Setting up your ColdFusion MX application server

Learn how to set up your Macromedia ColdFusion MX application server, and then test the server to make sure it's working properly.

Wildlife Project 6: Defining your Dreamweaver MX site

Learn how to define your Macromedia Dreamweaver MX site. In this tutorial, the sixth in a series, you'll set up a local folder, a remote folder, and a folder to process dynamic pages.

Wildlife Project 7: Connecting to a database

In this tutorial, the seventh in a series, you'll establish Macromedia ColdFusion data sources in Macromedia Dreamweaver so you can connect to a database and develop your web application.

Wildlife Project 8: Planning page design and layout

In this tutorial, the eighth in a series, you'll learn how to lay out pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver before creating site assets.

Wildlife Project 9: Creating a banner graphic in Fireworks MX

This tutorial, the ninth in a series, shows you how to create a banner graphic that you can use at the top of your web page. You'll use Macromedia Fireworks MX to add an image, a mask, and text to the graphic.

Wildlife Project 10: Building a Fireworks MX navigation bar (Part 1)

In this tutorial, the tenth in a series, you'll build a Macromedia Fireworks navigation bar that includes JavaScript rollovers. You do not need to know JavaScript to complete the tutorial. Fireworks does all the work for you.

Wildlife Project 11: Building a Fireworks MX navigation bar (Part 2)

In this tutorial, the eleventh in a series, you'll optimize and export the navigation bar that you created in the previous tutorial, Wildlife Project 10: Building a Fireworks MX navigation bar (Part 1).

Wildlife Project 12: Using Fireworks MX and Flash MX to create animation

This tutorial, the twelfth in a series, teaches you how to add animation to your website using a pre-designed Macromedia Fireworks graphic and Macromedia Flash alpha transparency.

Wildlife Project 13: Assembling and editing your Studio MX assets

In this tutorial, the thirteenth in a series, you'll assemble the assets you created in previous Wildlife Project tutorials, and use Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia Flash integration features to edit your assets from within the Dreamweaver workspace.

Wildlife Project 14: Building a database search feature

In this tutorial, the fourteenth in a series, you'll use Dreamweaver and ColdFusion to build the Wildlife Project's search application.

Wildlife Project 15: Alerting a user when no matching records are found

In this tutorial, the last in the series, you'll add functionality to your results page to lets users know that their search returned no matching records.

Working with Macromedia Flash Communication Server

Visit the Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX 2004 Support Center to learn more.

Working with Flash Remoting


Visit the Macromedia Flash Remoting Support Center to learn more.

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