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Macromedia ColdFusion Support Center Release Notes

ColdFusion Studio 5 Release Notes
This document addresses issues that are not discussed in the ColdFusion documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.

System requirements
New Features
Installing and Uninstalling
Running the Initial Configuration Wizard
Shell Namespace Extension Compatibility
Macromedia Dreamweaver/UltraDev integration
Macromedia Fireworks integration
Documentation Updates
Known Issues
Fixed and Closed Issues
Software Copyright Information
ColdFusion Server 5 Release Notes


System requirements
Intel Pentium-compatible processor, Pentium II or higher recommended
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000 Professional/XP Professional, Home
Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher
64 MB of available RAM, 128 MB recommended
40 MB of free hard disk space
800 x 600, 256-color display
CD ROM Drive for packaged version
ColdFusion 5 Server (for debugging, database access, and deployment)


Installing and Uninstalling
To uninstall ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2 after installing ColdFusion Studio 5, you must first uninstall ColdFusion Studio 5. Here's the proper sequence:
1 Install ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2
2 Install ColdFusion Studio 5
3 Uninstall ColdFusion Studio 5

Uninstall ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2

Installation Known Issues
If you are still running Beta 1 or 2, uninstall it before installing the released product. If you don't first uninstall, duplicate entries appear in the Start menu.
JRun Studio 3.0.1 may be installed on the same computer as ColdFusion Studio 5 and/or HomeSite 5. The preferred sequence of installation is to install JRun 3.0.1 and then ColdFusion Studio 5 and/or HomeSite 5. But, if you do install JRun Studio 3.0.1 after installing ColdFusion Studio 5 and/or HomeSite 5, you must reinstall ColdFusion Studio 5 and/or HomeSite 5.
If you uninstall HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio when you have more than one version installed on the same computer, do not select to delete the shared files during the uninstallation. For example, when HomeSite 4.5.2 and HomeSite 5 are installed on the same computer and you uninstall HomeSite 5, dialogs will appear during the uninstallation asking to delete shared files. In those dialogs, you must select No (the default is Yes). If you do inadvertently delete the files, you will need to reinstall. It is important that earlier versions of HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio are installed before later versions. So, you would reinstall HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2 first and then HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio 5. [29480]
Installation Wizard Known Issue

After uninstalling, the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog may appear, indicating that installation has completed instead of uninstallation. [29633]

Installation log

An installation log file is created in the Windows root directory. The file, ColdFusionStudio5.nnn file, increments for each successive installation. If you have installation problems, you can attach the file to e-mail sent to our Support staff.


Running the Initial Configuration Wizard

The first time you run HomeSite 5, the application checks for a previous version, and if one is found, you can selectively import settings from that version. This feature lets you easily retain custom interface elements and settings you have made when you upgrade. Note that the wizard only works when upgrading the same product.

FTP & RDS Registry Settings Change

FTP and RDS connections created via HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio 4.5.x are stored in the registry under HK_CU\Software\Allaire\RemoteServers.

You should be aware that when you upgrade to the latest versions of the Visual Tools products, you are given a choice in the Initial Configuration Wizard to bring the connections to the latest installations. The selected connections as well as any new ones created in these versions will be stored in the HC_CU\Software\Macromedia\RemoteServers key.


Shell Namespace Extension Compatibility
This release note is for users who want to continue using HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2. In the older versions of the Visual Tools, the Shell Namespace Extension was called "Allaire FTP & RDS". In the new versions, the SNE node is called "Macromedia FTP & RDS". When HomeSite/ColdFusion 5 is installed on a machine with previous releases of these products, the previous versions no longer recognize the SNE node.

A utility is installed that can switch the name of the SNE back to "Allaire FTP & RDS". The program is called "SNECompatibility.exe" and it can be found in the program directory of the product, such as C:\Program Files\Macromedia\ColdFusion Studio 5. After you install the latest version, run this utility. After this utility is executed both versions will recognize the SNE Node.

  If you select the Allaire option, both your previous and latest versions of the product will have use that SNE name and both versions will work. If you select the Macromedia option, then the remote server functionality will work only in the latest version.

Macromedia Dreamweaver/UltraDev integration

Design View was removed from this release. The strength of HomeSite is its code editing features, while Macromedia Dreamweaver and UltraDev are the industry's choice for visual Web page design and application development. As a combined product family, we suggest that you take advantage of the respective strengths of our code-centric and visually-oriented products.

If Dreamweaver/UltraDev is detected on your system, you can click the Open in Macromedia Dreamweaver/UltraDev toolbutton on the Editor toolbar to edit the current document.

You can download a trial version of Macromedia Dreamweaver/UltraDev from the Macromedia website.


Macromedia Fireworks integration

If Fireworks is detected on your system, you can now launch it directly by right-clicking on an <img> tag, a graphics file in the Files list, or the Thumbnail view of a file, and then selecting the Edit in Macromedia Fireworks command. This lets you quickly access image source files for editing.

Launching Fireworks from an image file other than a PNG prompts you to find the PNG file associated with that image. Selecting Yes opens the File Open dialog, selecting No opens the current file in Fireworks. You can set file open options in the source file dialog box.



The ColdFusion Studio online documentation contains a new way for users to comment directly on our documentation. At the bottom of each page you will see a Comments section that contains a button labeled "View comments on LiveDocs" which you can click to open a version of that page on our website.

At the bottom of the web version of the page you can read all the user comments about that page and you can click the Add Comments button to add your own. The first time you use LiveDocs, you are prompted to create an account on the system. You can then log in from any online documentation page to add comments.

LiveDocs provides great feedback to the Macromedia Documentation Group. Members of our writing staff are notified of each new comment in the system and we will attempt to correct errors and clarify points directly on the LiveDocs page. Larger documentation issues are targeted to the next product release.

Note: LiveDocs is not for technical support. For technical issues, you should go to the Support page on our site to view support options.


Known Issues

In some cases, selecting to Replace All using the Regular Search and Replace command (Control+R) causes the first element to be replaced twice. [30268]

In Options > Settings > Tag Definitions Library, if you only change the order of the tag libraries by clicking on the Up and Down buttons and then click Apply, the order will not take effect until you restart the application. The workaround is to click twice on the Current document's namespace receives highest priority checkbox to ensure the settings take effect for the current session. [30230]
When working over an RDS connection, the VTML Image Dialog Box does not display image type files (gif, jpg). The workaround is to use the default dialog box. To disable the VTML dialog box and use the default dialog box, clear the Options > Settings > Markup Languages > HTML/XHTML > Use the VTML Tag Dialog for > Image option. [30191]
When working over an RDS connection, dragging a file from the Files Tab onto the editor outputs the wrong path. [30189]
Because ColdFusion Server 5 isn't supported on WinXP Home, use remote debugging and not local debugging on WinXP Home.
Don't use Save All to save files that have different encodings. Save each file individually. [29841]
Downloading binary files (such as a .gif or any type of Unicode formatted file) from a Unix/Linux/Solaris machine will cause these files to get corrupted. [27495]
Tag Completion does not enforce XHTML rules. Enabling Options > Set Document as XHTML does not enable Auto Completion to function in XHTML mode.
On Windows 98/ME, drag and drop between the Desktop or Explorer to in-product remote servers or from in-product servers to the Desktop or Explorer does not work, although the cursor indicates that the operation will work.
File size rounding errors exist with remote files. Files appear to change size by 1K due to rounding down of the number of bytes as opposed to rounding up as with Window Explorer. No data is missing in these cases.
Check the Options > Settings > File Settings > FTP&RDS Always use binary for FTP transfer option to transfer all files in binary mode in both directions. This feature was added to handle Unicode file transfers which are otherwise altered and rendered unusable by ASCII FTP transfer. [28519]

If you have ColdFusion Server and ColdFusion Studio installed on the same XP machine, choosing the dropdown button the Files tab will be slow to show the list of options.

Windows Explorer shows "Add RDS server" in the RMB context menu even after uninstalling. [26444]

Switching between the Database Resources tab and any other tab cause causes an automatic refresh to the next higher directory level. [29434]

When attempting to connect to an RDS Server through the files pane, do not attempt to use any file (i.e. non-editor) related functionality until either the operation succeeds or the request times out. Otherwise, the Files tab displays incorrectly and access violations can occur. [29764]

When creating an RDS connection in the Configure RDS Server dialog box, choosing the Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option causes an error. [29825]
On Windows XP, if you delete a remote folder from the left pane of Explorer, the folder will continue to be displayed in the folder tree even though it has been removed. Closing and reopening the Explorer will fix the problem.
On Windows XP, double clicking a remote folder may not show the contents of the folder. A manual refresh (F5) will display the files in the right pane of Explorer.
Using the Word-wrap and Collapse text features together may cause the vertical scrollbar to disappear, preventing viewing of the remainder of the document. If this occurs, use the RMB Expand All Collapsed Sections command to restore the document. [29542]
If you try to open a folder that contains a shortcut (.lnk file) which refers to a non-existing folder, HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5 will crash on NT. [29697]
With twelve items in the clipboard, and maximum clipboard entries set well above 13, copying the thirteenth item into the clipboard removes item 10, and ordering of items is mixed (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,13,11,12). [29596]
Embedded Help text in the HTML/XHTML tag editors may not display clearly. Use F1 Help instead. [29370]
If a document contains an XML declaration on the first line, using the Options > Set Document to XHTML command overwrites that declaration text. If you use the Set the document as XHTML command, you can then edit the declaration text as needed or insert additional XML declaration text. [29314]
In Expression Builder, the "not" "and" "or" and "xor" buttons don't work [29262]
Right-clicking an image in the Thumbnails tab in the Results window and selecting Properties does not update the Bits per pixel and Size in Mem properties.
Options > Settings > Spelling > Maximum number of suggestions can be manually set to a number from 0 to 30. However, the actual range of suggestions is 1 to 20.
The Configure FTP Server timeout setting is not functional. You can enter a timeout value but only the default setting is in effect.

The Secondary Files tab will not consume resources on Windows 95/98/Me if it is not visible when the application launches. To hide the tab, disable the View > Resource Windows > Files 2 option. Restarting the application will regain resources used by the window. [27164]

The Tools > Verify Project with Linkbot feature does not work. If you use this command and Linkbot hangs, use Windows Task Manager to close it. [27661]


Fixed and Closed Issues

The following are issues that were fixed and closed during the test cycle and for which a release notes was written. Minor and transitory issues are generally closed without a release note.
The entries are grouped by the test release for which they were fixed.



Removed the Options > Settings > Spelling Recheck misspelled words as smaller words option. [29655]
The Source Control Tool Bar "Add file to Source Control" button is now enabled when a new document is in focus. [29687]
SNE in Explorer on WinXP now works better. [29798]
Changing the default template for a new document now works correctly. [29995]
CodeSweeper's tag specific settings are now correctly in alphabetical order. [28910]
Typing >< will no longer cause an access violation. [29059]
Built-in Tag Editors now display for both HTML and XHTML mode when the Use VTM dialogs option is not selected (the default). [29432]
Controls were added to VTML for Image Recalc and Image Preview [29012]
Fixed bug searching in the sub folders on a FTP/RDS server [27744]
We have added a new check box in the FTP & RDS settings dialog that allows a user to specify to always use binary transfer with FTP. The product makes the assumption to use ascii with certain file extensions. By checking the new check box ("Always use binary for FTP transfer") this assumption is bypassed and these files are transferred in binary mode in both directions (up & download) We have specifically added this feature to handle unicode file transfers which are otherwise altered and rendered unusable by ftp transfer. This should affect both the feature docs and the release notes dealing with work arounds and warnings about Unicode transfers. [28519]

During installation, when a user enters in their serial number and selects Next, they cannot go back to previous dialogs. If the user cancels after entering a valid serial number, the next time they install, the user will not see the serial dialog. [29118]

Setting the "Lowercase Inserted Tags" option via the VTOM Application.SetApplicationSetting method did not take effect until the app was restarted. This has been fixed. [17186]

The space requirements noted during the installation are based on the file system type and the sector sizes of the hard disk. Therefore, depending on how the disk is formatted, different space requirements will display for different operating systems. [28718]

Docking a Files tab while the files list was in the process of being populated caused an access violation. This has been fixed. [27502]

License file is now installed and available from Start menu. [28458]
View > Toggle Edit/Help (Shift+F12) swoitch between the Edit tab and the new Help tab. The Help tab opens when you press F1 on a tag and the Help References Browse help in separate panel option is not selected. [28342]
When performing a Save All, no save prompt will occur for new files which have not been modified. [27658]
Fixed access violation when unindenting a line when the first single space was selected. [26786]
Using File > New to create a new document from a template will overwrite the current document if it is blank or the default new document. This is the same behavior as 4.52. [27493]
Printing long documents resulted in the bottom line of each page being cut off. This has been fixed. [27850]
After editing a folder in the Files tab which contained a large number of files, duplicate filenames would appear in the file list. This has been fixed. [27591]
Fixed a problem with the Application.ResourceTabShowing VTOM method. [27795]
New Application object VTOM methods were added for compatibility with JScript: GetImageHeight(sImageName): integer - Returns the image height in pixels for the passed image filename GetImageWidth(sImageName): integer - Returns the image width in pixels for the passed image filename GetURLResponse(sURL): string - Returns the response string for the passed URL GetURLStatusCode(sURL): integer - Returns the status code for the passed URL. [26911]

An Access Violation may occur if NetMeeting is also installed. [20576]

Clicking the CodeSweeper icon, then selecing the Configure CodeSweeper option, now displays the Settings page of the chosen CodeSweeper. [27277]
The image toolbutton will now correctly open the XTHML tag editor when in XHTML mode. [27736]

If Fireworks is detected, it is enabled for graphics file editing. [28110]

Tabs can now be included in Code Templates. When the template is expanded in the editor and the editor setting Insert tabs as spaces is enabled, the tabs will be converted to spaces. Otherwise the tabs will be entered as ASCII #9 characters. [27598]

When the Options > Settings > File Setting If another process modifies the document options is set to Prompt to reload or Always reload, a file on the disk will reload whether it is older or newer than the file in the editor. Previous versions only triggered the reload if the file on disk was newer. [27388]

Performance is improved when switching between large documents in the editor. [26849]

Performance is improved when opening large documents. [28016]

If both Files tabs (Files 1 and Files 2) are on same directory, saving the current document to that directory refreshes the file list in both tabs. [27248]

Performing a Paste all operation now marks the document as modified. [26532]

Creating a new directory beneath the current document directory and then attempting to save the current document no longer results in an error message. [27727]

The editor now should detect when a selection is improperly made within a collapsed region. If this happens, the selection is changed to include the entire collased area. If the user then starts typing, the collapsed region will be completely replace with the typed text, which is what normally happens with regular, uncollapsed text. [27990]

The Options > Set Document as XHTML command is now disabled when the active document is read-only. [27542]

The Save icon and menu item are now disabled if the current document is read-only. [27428]

When hiding a Resource tab which results in the primary or secondary Files tab being brought to the front, the drive combo list and/or file listing would be blank. This has been fixed. [27109]

When switching between two document types with different color coding schemes, such as HTML and PHP, the vertical and horizontal scroll positions where not maintained. This has been fixed. [27386]

Documents which are not designated as XHTML and do not contain a DOCTYPE declaration now default to the HTML namespace. [27209]

In Beta 2, dragging a file onto selected text in the editor would not wrap the Anchor tag around the selected text as in 4.52. This has been fixed. [28264]

Pressing F4 in the editor would not display the Tag Inspector and would display the error message Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window. This has been fixed. [28225]

Checking out a file from source control now prompts the user to override the existing document, if it is already open, so that the user will not lose changes. [27473]

Fixed a problem using the external browser feature. [27770]

The Source Control toolbar now functions on the current document. With some providers, it is necessary to open a project in order to set the source control provider, but all toolbar actions occur on the current document. [27764]

Fixed the Delphi Error message that occurred when the user used a Source Control tooolbar option when the project tab did not have focus. [27766]

Checking out a file using a source control file now opens the file in the editor window. [26801]

Improved the speed performance of project creation to the same level as 4.5.2 projects. [28037]


Beta 2

Docking a Files tab while the files list was in the process of being populated caused an access violation. This has been fixed. [27502]
License file is now installed and available from Start menu. [28458]
Downloading binary files to a local drive via an RDS connection works with ColdFusion Server 5. [15994]
In ColdFusion and JRun Studio, the vertical scroll position in the editor is now maintained correctly when switching between documents with wordwrap on. [26605]
Fixed problem updating the results grid in the Query Builder. The first query worked correctly, but in Beta 1 the Query Builder failed to clear the Results grid. [26914]
Fixed AV/Hang that occurred when entering a SQL query that contained an error. [26869]
CF Debugger now works properly against UNIX servers. [21927]
The new Options > Settings > File Settings > Enable non-ANSI file encoding setting must be enabled to process these types of files. [26997]
A conflict in accelerators keys for the XHTML tag editor was resolved. [27068]
The accelerator key for language attribute in the Internationalization tab of the XHTML tag editors is not putting focus into the drop down list. [27070]

The ReadMe file can now be opened from the product Start menu. [26619]

File loading speed is improved when the Options > Settings > File Settings > Enable non-ANSI file encoding option is on. [26997]

Selecting Open in Browser from a Results window now correctly opens a browser. [26566]

Installing the 5.0 beta Visual Tools with HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2 or JRun Studio 3 installed now changes the Allaire FTP RDS icon Macromedia FTP RDS. [26688]

Closing ColdFusion Studio 4.5.2 or 5.0 on a computer where ColdFusion Server 5.0 was installed after ColdFusion Studio no longer causes an access violation or hang when closing ColdFusion Studio. [22420]

You can close the debug window by right-clicking in it and choosing the Close item. [26467]

If user deals with any file with Unicode, Unicode Big Endian and UTF-8 encoding, check box of "Enable non-ANSI file encoding" in File Settings (Options > Setting > File Settings) must be checked. Otherwise, these non-ANSI file strings cannot be manipulated properly by our editor. [27101]

With multiple documents open, including one or more in split editor mode, closing one document could result in an access violation. This has been fixed. [27429]

Creating a tag by drag/dropping a file or image onto the editor would place the cursor before the inserted tag, although the actual insertion point was after the tag. This has been fixed so the cursor is displayed correctly immediately after the inserted tag. [27268]

Performing line indents/unindents when the editor option "Insert tabs as spaces" is on should now maintain the current selection correctly. [26124]

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to display and focus the individual panes of the Results window. [22367]
The shortcuts include the following:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+F1 Display and focus search results pane
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F2 Display and focus validation results pane
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Display and focus link verification results pane
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F4 Display and focus thumbnails pane
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Display and focus deployment results pane
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F6 Display and focus console pane (JRun Studio only)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F7 Display and focus compiler results pane (JRun Studio only)

If the results pane is empty, focus will shift back to the code editor. The above keyboard shortcuts can be reassigned via the Customize dialog. The VTOM scripting model has also been updated to include this feature.
The Application.ExecCommand nCmdID parameter can take the following values:

  • 127 Display and focus search results pane
  • 128 Display and focus validation results pane
  • 129 Display and focus link verification results pane
  • 130 Display and focus thumbnails pane
  • 131 Display and focus deployment results pane
  • 132 Display and focus console pane (JRun Studio only)
  • 133 Display and focus compiler results pane (JRun Studio only)

The Secondary Files tab will not consume resources on Windows 95/98/Me if it is not visible when the application launches. If the tab is hidden by the user (uncheck View > Resource Windows > Files 2), you must restart the application to gain back the resources used by the window. [27164]

The option to use the Microsoft Office 97 spelling dictionary was always disabled in Beta 1. This has been fixed. [26907]

There is now a setting for the size of the icons in the Editor vertical toolbar. By default, the icons are set to be large. To reduce their size, select: Options > Setting > Editor > Small Editor Buttons from the Options list. [26768]

Removed AV that occurred when creating a new codesweeper profile, and immediately attempting to edit it. [27062]

Added Project Link Verification Menu Items to Projects and created a Keyboard shortcut. [22487]

While link verification is in process, the Results window cannot be docked or floated. [22752]

The VTOM method ActiveDocument.LastSavedDate() was not returning a valid date. This has been fixed. [26947]

The localhost node added automatically under Macromedia Ftp & RDS is set up to allow immediate access to the local RDS server if it has been configured to default settings. The node is non-functional unless ColdFusion Server is installed on the loacl machine. [26377]

Double-clicking an empty document no longer causes an access violation. [27019]

The color picker now works properly when changing palettes. [26848]

The Verity Wizard now outputs the language attribute into the CFSEARCH tag for all languages other than English. [24710]

You can now make Favorites folders to FTP and RDS connections. Windows mapping of FTP connections is not supported [25940]

Extended Search and Replace no longer eliminates bookmarks. [9210]

Docking or undocking the Results window while links are being verified no longer causes a crash. [22752]

Changing tabs in the editor while a save is occuring no longer causes the editor tabs and file names to get out of sync. [20907]

When a file is deleted the files pane no longer becomes out of sync. [15023]

Double-clicking to select words should now be more stable. Also, double-clicking in starting whitespace in a line (spaces or tabs) will select the first word in the line. [14315]

Color coding is maintained correctly in VBScript comments. [17379]

With the editor setting "Allow cursor past end of line" on, pressing CTRL+RIGHT arrow followed by Cursor Left would not move the editor cursor left. Fixed. [16007]

The "Edit Tag" context menu item for JSP tags should now be enabled, even if there is no space after the tag identifier (e.g., >%), or the tag is split among multiple lines. [19474]

The Style Editor is now accessable from the menu system as well as the toolbar button. [26117]

Remote file paths that contain a period (.) are now saved properly via auto-backup. [26698]

Design View mode has been removed from the product. [26360]

Fixed bug that made it impossible to create color coding schemes such as .tpl because the .pl matched the extension for Perl files. [27001]


Beta 1

Attribute values with nested quotes are now maintained correctly in the tag editors. [6388]
Line numbers in the Editor gutter are now displayed in the same font and font size as those chosen for the Editor. As a result, the numbers are no longer cut off when using a small font size in the Editor or illegibly small for those using a very large font. [8633]
When performing a Find Next operation, when the end of the document has been reached users are now prompted to continue searching at the beginning" of the document rather than simply being informed that the search has reached the end of the document. [9147]
Tag help (F1) now works with tags that contain tabs, line feeds, and carriage returns. [19033]
The Deployment Script generated VTOM code has been optimized to cache a single reference to the global Deployment manager application object property. [17969]
When you click the show line numbers button and the gutter is not showing, it forces the gutter to show so that the line numbers will be visible. [24542]
When creating new folders on remote connections, the new folder will be named NewFolder or NewFolder_1. The user will need to do a RMB > Rename in order to change the name of this folder, except if the parent node of the new folder has never been expanded. [18138]
Application title bar correctly updates to current document title while in Full Screen Mode. [21500]
The keyboard shortcut for View > Resource Windows is now Alt+V, W. [19515]
All toolbar areas now have the toolbar popup menu [6897]

The HTML Quick Start Wizard now contains all three HTML 41 DTD's in the DOCTYPE list box. [7809]

The Extended Find and Replace dialogs contain an RMB item for this combo-box which allows users to delete lists they don't want. [7433]

Fixed AV that occurred in projects on a right-click on a file. [14055]

It is now possible to add a toolbar button for Dock All Resource Windows. [13504]

Deployment Script Wizard: When trying to create a deployment script for a project residing on a remote server, the calculated deployment script filename would not properly include the remote FTP (or RDS) server configuration which yielded an error message when trying to generate the script. [14091]

When multiple files are selected in the Files tab and the RMB Properties item is selected, only one properties dialog appears for all files instead of a separate dialog for each file. [12074]

The majority of problems with duplicate entries in the Files tab should be resolved. As part of this fix, file updates are delayed when rapidly moving through the folder tree. The amount of delay is controlled by the following registry entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\HomeSite5\ResourceTab\FileListChangeDelay (HomeSite) or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\Studio5\ResourceTab\FileListChangeDelay (CF Studio). This string value specifies the number of milliseconds to delay before updating the file list. [13607]

Refresh problems with the Files tab caused by renaming a file with the Save As command and double-clicking a folder to open it have have been fixed. [10272]

In the past it was possible to accidentally undock Resource tabs with the slightest hand movement while clicking to switch between tabs. Now it requires a deliberate movement to undock tabs, so that one will not unintentionally undock them. [10507]

Non-administrative Windows NT/2000 users can now launch the application without error. [17098]

A superfluous Spell Check Cancelled message no longer displays when the user presses the Spell Check cancel button. [16025]

Dropping a .js file into a document will now insert a
<script src="*.js> instead of an <A> tag. [17996]

Moving the cursor, not the scroll bar, vertically down a document that contained a collapsed text region would not always scroll the document text into view correctly. This has been fixed. [16141]

When a user attempts to perform a Replace operation on a read-only document, they are now prompted to save changes to the document. [15986]

When a user sorts on a column in the Files tab and then hides the column which is being sorted on, the file list display reverts to sorting on the Name column, which is always visible. [19796]

Project folders accept folders that are drag and dropped from Windows Explorer. [18018]

It is possible to drag and drop files to the virtual folders within projects [18019]

The Options - Settings - General pane now includes a Lock checkbox in the Resource tab preferences section. When this feature is enabled, you will not be able to separately undock the tabs, preventing problems with the tab display. [17712]

When docked, the Resources tabs may no longer be resized to be invisible by dragging the divider between them and the editor. [18078]

Search and Replace now works correctly for case-insensitivity with supported extended character sets. [18471]

Using the Alt+U keyboard shortcut in the File > Open from Web dialog now correctly takes the focus to the drop-down box. [18359]

When a tag editor has incorrect syntax in its supporting vtm file, the error dialog box reports the line number where the incorrect syntax occurs. [18601]

The FTP service now automatically re-connects to a server in the event of a server-side timeout. [21028, 21175]

When you drag and drop multiple files into the editor window with the Ctrl key pressed, it will now open all the files instead of just the selected one. [21848]

The following VTOM methods do not work with JScript, as they require passing parameters by reference, which is not supported in JScript. [22799]:

  • AllaireActiveDocument.TextPosToEditorPos
  • AllaireActiveDocument.GetCaretPos

These have been replaced with the following new methods/properties:

  • Methods function TextOffsetToEditorOffset(iPos: Integer) - integer adjusts a character position obtained from
  • ActiveDocument.Text to the same position needed for the ActiveDocument.SelStart property.
  • Properties CaretPosX (integer, read-only) - returns the current cursor column number.
  • CaretPosY (integer, read-only) - returns the current cursor line number

On the RMB menu for tags, the first item has reverted to Edit Current Tag. The Select Full Tag item is now just above the Selection menu item. [21557]

The program can now handle project files that contain long file names that include commas. [20185]

The ability to open files which have UNC file paths in the Results pane for Extended Search and Replace has been restored. [19946]

Double-clicking on a match in the Results pane of an Extended Search and Replace operation now always selects the correct text, even after an edit is performed in the same document as the match. [22870]

The keyboard shortcut for Direction Selection in the Replace dialog now works correctly. [20626]

Find and Extended Find now default to the previous search text when no text is selected and Options > Settings > Select nearest word for searches is disabled. [20803]

Use File > Multiple New Documents to open a specified number of documents simultaneously. [19609]

Users will be warned, prior to being allowed to proceed, if they enter a number greater than 100 in the File > Multiple New Documents dialog. [23482]

Users can now open selections in the Search Results pane by pressing Enter or by double-clicking an item. [19340]

Users can no longer drag selections or files into read-only documents. [22432]

The Slide Show Wizard now outputs correct relative paths for the >img src=""< attribute. [22716]

The File > New > HTML > Custom Wizard now works without errors. [26336]

There are no longer any flickering folders when opening an RDS connection's folder as the initial directory of an Open, Save, or Save As dialog. [25693]

The Style Editor is now accessible from the Tools menu as well as from the toolbar. [26117]

Options > Settings > General > Display current folder in file dialogs now works with remote folders through FTP & RDS as well as with local folders. [20624]

When Options > Settings > General > Display current folder in file dialogs is enabled, the internal image tag editor will respect the current folder when browsing for a file. Note that if you enable Options > Settings > HTML/XHTML > Use the VTML dialog for for the IMG tag editor, the path of the document will be used. [25993]

The RMB Save As command now lets you save the contents of the Results pane. It is also possible to call this method through VTOM. [22370]

An Add Version Family option is now available on the Options > Settings > Validator > Versions tab. In the past users have not been able to add top level version families, only sub-families to pre-existing version families. This enhancement lets you define a tag language outside the hierarchically of another tag language. [24414]

Replace and Replace All buttons are only enabled when there is text in both the Find What and Replace With text fields. Additionally, only Replace All is enabled when the Search Direction is selected as Selection. [23732]

Drag and drop of remote files to a local folder using the Windows Explorer right pane no longer creates 0-byte files. [20577]

Performance improvements in retrieving large datasets in the Query Builder have been achieved through a threaded approach to displaying data. [20738]