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The Macromedia Instructional Media Development team is committed to providing high-quality instructional materials to help you get the most out of our products. To that end, we provide our content in several formats so you can access learning materials in the format that best suits the way you work.

Product manuals

To help you easily locate the information you need, documentation is divided into separate manuals that contain different types of information targeted at different user types. Products can have any of the following types of manuals:

Manual Type Content User Level

Getting Started with <Product Name>

Product overview, tutorials Beginner

<Product Name>

Workflows, procedures, overviews, concepts Beginner, Intermediate
Installing, Configuring, and Administering
<Product Name>
Usually associated with servers targeted at server administrators Intermediate
API Language Reference Application programming interface (API) language reference and usage examples Intermediate, Advanced

< Product Name >

Application API to add functionality to a product Advanced
<Product Name> Quick Reference User interface overview, installation instructions Beginner, Intermediate



LiveDocs is an online system for gathering documentation comments. The bottom of each page displays these comments alongside the Macromedia content and an Add Comments button, which users can click to add their own comments.

LiveDocs are available for all products. Some products also have localized versions of LiveDocs. You can access LiveDocs for all products from the main LiveDocs page or from any page in your help system.

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Online help

The online help for a product contains information about product concepts, procedures for completing tasks, and reference information for programming languages. All the product manuals available for a product are part of its help system.

All help systems provide indexes and tools for searching. You can access a product's help system from the Help menu. You can also view context-sensitive help about a specific dialog box, or control by clicking its help icon.


All product manuals are available in PDF format for offline viewing or printing. The information in the PDFs is identical to that in the help system and LiveDocs. Some products combine all manuals for the product into a single PDF so you can access all topics in one file or search across multiple manuals.

Published manuals

Selected titles of the Studio 8 documentation are now available in published format from Macromedia Press.


Many products provide step-by-step tutorials to guide you through completing common tasks. You can find some tutorials in the product's help system, or on its Documentation Resource Center on For example, there are many Flash 8 tutorials available on the Flash Documentation Resource Center.


Some products provide sample files that illustrate best practices and show you the types of files you can create. You can find samples either in the Help menu of a product, on the product CD, or in the Developer Center.

Localized content

Most of the product manuals, tutorials, and other instructional materials are localized into many languages. If you own a localized version of a Macromedia product, you can access localized help content from your Help menu. You can also go to the product's Documentation Resource Center on and select your language from the Documentation by Language menu.



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About Documentation Types

Find out more about the various documenation types available for learning materials. Including LiveDocs, Help, and PDF.


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