Release notes for Adobe AIR developers

Release date: 7/30/09

Getting Started

Welcome to the release notes for AIR 1.5.2. This document contains system requirements, installation instructions, known issues, and other information about using the AIR 1.5.2 runtime. Please refer to the Adobe AIR 1.5.1 release notes for additional information. Please use the Adobe AIR feedback form to report feature requests, bugs or improvements to the release notes.

System requirements

For current Adobe AIR system requirements, please visit

New features in AIR 1.5.2

Adobe AIR 1.5.2 is an update to the Adobe AIR runtime and SDK. This update includes improved reliability, compatibility, and security. It is recommended for all AIR users. AIR applications developed for previous versions of AIR do not need to be updated to work with this update.

The AIR application installer panel that displays the publisher identity has been simplified when an application is signed with a chained certificate.

API changes

  • Before AIR 1.5.2, pressing the ESC key in full-screen or full-screen interactive mode would exit full-screen mode, and there was no way to prevent it. With AIR 1.5.2, when using the full-screen interactive mode an application using the 1.5.2 namespace can capture the keyDown event and call the preventDefault() method of the event. This change only affects the full-screen interactive mode; the full-screen mode is not affected.
  • Before AIR 1.5.2, SWF content embedded in and HTML container in a transparent window could not be displayed. With AIR 1.5.2, SWF content can be displayed with certain wmode settings.
  • The network timeout is now 60 minutes on Windows and Mac OS.
  • In addition, new APIs have been added. Update your application descriptor file to the 1.5.2 namespace in order to access the new AIR 1.5.2 APIs and behavior. To update the namespace, change the xmlns attribute to:
  • Capabilities.supports32BitProcesses and Capabilities.supports64BitProcesses - These properties indicate whether the system supports 64-bit or 32-bit processes.
    • LocalConnection.isPerUser - This property indicates whether LocalConnection objects are scoped to the current user (true) or are globally accessible to all users on the computer (false). This property only affects content running on Mac OS; other platforms ignore this parameter. For example, local connections on Windows and Linux are always per-user. In previous versions, all LocalConnection objects on Mac OS had a global scope. For security reasons, always set this property to true, unless you need to preserve compatibility with previous versions. In future releases, this property is likely to have a default value of true.
    • System.disposeXML(xml:XML) - This static method makes an XML object immediately available for garbage collection. This method removes parent and child connections between all the nodes for the specified XML object. This method takes one parameter: the XML object to be made available for garbage collection. Use this method to ensure the efficient disposal of memory associated with XML objects.

Version information

WebKit Version

AIR 1.5.2 includes WebKit version 34190.

Latest Flash Player plug-in

AIR 1.5.2 includes an updated version of the Flash Player plug-in (10.0.32), which is used when displaying SWF content embedded in HTML. For more information, see

Fixed bugs

Bug # Bug title
1886742 SWF in HTML container hosted in a transparent window is not displayed
1636197 Security Violation error message for URI scheme blacklist is not helpful
1723172 Crash when using mx:HTML and backgroundAlpha="0.0" to load an image
1861655 HTMLLoader: Tab key does not function in IFrame when designMode="on"
2252011 Event.USER_PRESENT not fired in fullscreen when mouse is on secondary screen, injected in 1.5
2259823 Memory creeps up after searching and leave the app running for a while
2268900 AIR apps are inactive when FLVRender is processing with LocalConnection
2269282 MAC: InvocationEvent not dispatched when launched from a browser as feed:// URI handler
2274721 HTMLLoader leaks memory in blocks of 4KB when idle
2276388 HTMLLoader hangs when interacting with a specific web site
2277278 Modifying properties on a class in the Array prototype breaks the Filesystem API
2277760 A shared library audio is not played in the AS2 loadee
2277942 MAC: crashes when reading data from the database
2289402 MAC: NativeMenuItem callbacks stopped working
2290241 CSS: line-height style in layout element such as <span> when displayed as inline-block cannot be set to anything below the auto value (which is 1.2*FontSize)
2294042 URL encoded link target location get URL encoded again when navigateInSystemBrowser is true
2295761 MAC: Memory leak with SWF in HTML on Mac OS 10.4
2298258 Incorrect menu positioning when Stage not anchored in upper left of window
2300053 Raptr app crashes when chat windows open
2308203 Calling air.NativeApplication.nativeApplication.exit() on a deferred function (e.g. using setTimeout) in conjunction with Ext.air.NativeWindow extjs framework code throws JSObjectDead() error
2309222 MAC 10.4 only: Application crashes when submenu has duplicate items
2313206 JIRA FP-599 Memory leak when getting XML with URLLoader
2313842 WebKit JavaScriptCore expression too deep limit
2323252 MAC: NativeWindow.startResize() with system chrome causes window buttons to move
2328124 MAC: Japanese_AIRappInstall_Only AIR app install UI is truncated
2328129 WIN: German/Dutch_AIRappinstall_Only AIR app install UI is truncated
2338981 Installation error dialog "this app requires an update to Adobe air that is not available for your system" does not have focus on "Close" button
2349506 Keydown event returns Cancelable as TRUE
2351299 MAC: Shortcut key Command-H to hide application do not work for Swedish only, it use Command-G instead
2358045 HTML dropdown widget has white blank area near the dropdown menu
2359662 MAC: Private memory size increases to 400MB when loading 17 jpg images repeatedly
2360051 MAC: Error occurs launching runtime installer after running an initial install and uninstall; 2nd installation of runtime will fail
2360280 MAC: Dropdown menu doesn't go off after Command+W the app
2360309 Synchronous resource loading in file: protocol crashes the runtime if the URL has a query part in it
2363409 WIN: Crash occurs at ~MenuItemObject() when right-clicking to bring up contextmenu, followed by exiting the app.
2364483 Only respect mm.cfg when running in debug mode (ADL)
2292364 LINUX: AIR doesn't use proxy settings configured by an autoconfiguration URL
2302874 LINUX: Native windows do not show application icon
2321932 LINUX: app installer Error #2004 is displayed if we try to install an air application by giving the relative path of air file
2327127 LINUX: Ubuntu904 desktop icons for applications aren't getting created properly. double click on shortcut displays an alert
2327818 LINUX: Time100 app crashes on launch
2327987 LINUX: Filesystem API's should use 64 bit system calls instead of 32 bit system calls for reading and writing files
2328975 LINUX: if we uninstall runtime, then installing air application (+runtime) from badge doesn't work
2331233 LINUX: Kubuntu904 - Twhirl starts flickering and makes desktop hang when clicked on "connect" with tweet window minimized
2331325 LINUX: Application update crashing on XFCE desktops
2332043 LINUX: App update crashes if app launched as sudo
2332213 LINUX: Apps crash when we try to set them as default handlers for a file type on XFCE
2332959 LINUX: Air apps update crashes when apps launched by root, apps do not crash when updated by normal user.
2332983 LINUX: default air icon on application installer window toolbar isn't showing up
2333966 LINUX: Openbox - Upper part of the installation dialogs and all air application with default co-ordinates goes behind the system tray and gets truncated
2336460 LINUX: New window steals focus from the native window when Compiz is on
2338069 LINUX: Clipboard_AIR:file list_KDE only: The "air: file list" format of clipboard panel does not work when copying a file form Desktop or other place
2338200 LINUX: intermittent - Twhirl crashes on launch
2340313 LINUX: OpenSuse11 Adobe AIR Uninstaller entry isn't present on opensuse 11 kde distribution
2340334 LINUX: OpenSuse11 AIR application shortcuts aren't getting added in application launcher on OpenSuse 11.1 - kde
2340350 LINUX: Ubuntu710 Tweetdeck randomly crashes after a day's usage
2341037 LINUX: selectEvent's target property when dispatched from browseForSave dialog does not point to correct file object after brosweForMultipleDailog has been invoke
2342328 LINUX: TourDeFlex crashes after selecting Flash Core Components
2353099 LINUX: Integrate cert store replacement logic and new aucm
2355209 LINUX: Fedora11 Runtime isn't installing on latest release of Fedora, even after installing xterm
2358220 LINUX: KDE: Every app which has "systray functionality on minimize" can not be restored once its minimized to systray
2362491 LINUX: middle mouse click paste isn't pasting text in SWF edit controls

Known issues

Sidecar installation on Windows

When a bundled installation of the AIR runtime is performed from a removable drive or CD/DVD, you may run into an issue if the previous version of the AIR runtime is already installed  and the bundled AIR runtime installer is not located at the root of the removable media. To avoid this issue, please make sure the sidecar installer file is deployed at the root of the removal media.

Custom Root Certificate on Mac OS 10.5.7

If a user manually installs a custom Certificate Authority (CA) on Mac OS 10.5.7 and then tries to install an AIR file signed with a certificate issued by the CA, the installer dialog box might not display the publisher name and the certificate is not verified. This OS-specific issue affects all AIR versions. Apple's knowledge base has an article discussing a similar issue at . If a user uses the command line method described in this article to install the CA, then the certificate is verified and the publisher name is displayed.
sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain /path/to/ca.crt

HTML transparent overlays

The current WebKit version does not correctly display transparent overlays that may be associated with Google Maps (GPolyline opacity fails). As a workaround, please change the userAgent property of the HTMLoader object to a value other than "AppleWebKit." By doing so, the client detection code from Google Maps switches to the last fallback for rendering overlays (server rendering).

Encrypted local store

For troubleshooting of encrypted local store issues on Linux, please read

Installing Adobe AIR

Please read AIR 1.5.1 release notes or


Install AIR applications

Please read AIR 1.5.1 release notes.

Tips and tricks


  • Download the binary installer and give execution permissions to it before installing. You can do this in one of two ways:
    • Right-click the downloaded installer file icon, select Properties, and then set execution permissions.
    • Open a terminal and type chmod +x to give it execution permissions.
  • After giving execution permissions to installer. If double click on it (to launch it), gives an error (e.g: on Ubuntu 904). Remove .bin from "AdobeAIRInstaller.bin" file name, and double click again, to launch it.
  • Generating installation error logs:
  • Adobe AIR and AIR applications are installed as native applications, so you can use package managers to uninstall them, as in either of the following
    • sudo rpm -e
    • sudo dpkg -P
  • You can also install AIR applications using the command /usr/bin/AdobeAIRInstaller.bin . Currently, relative paths do not work.
  • If after installing Adobe AIR, double-clicking an .air file does not launch the AIR application installer, you might have to log out and log back in. (This happens on some older distributions.)
  • To clean up the machine and try a fresh installation, you may need to remove the .adobe and .macromedia folder in the home directory for both root and the current user. Also remove the .appdata folder in the home directory.
  • To generate logs for Adobe AIR runtime installation, create the empty file .airinstall.log (touch .airinstall.log) in user home directory. Please post this file when reporting issues in the forum.
  • To generate logs for AIR application installation, create the empty file .airappinstall.log (touch .airappinstall.log) in the user's home directory. Please post this file while reporting issues in the forum.


For overlaying AIR SDK for use with Flex SDK, please read AIR 1.5.1 release notes.


  • Minimum required version of Sun Java/JRE is 1.5.