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Authorware Release Notes

Authorware 7.02 Release Notes

This release of Authorware corrects several known issues. Read the Authorware 7.0 Release Notes or the Authorware 7.01 Release Notes for more information.


  • The correct Transition dialog will now appear in all instances.

XML Import/Export and PowerPoint converter

  • Decision and Media icons in map icons no longer lose data or become corrupt
    when imported from an XML export.
  • Filepaths to external media that include \r, \t or \n are imported correctly without losing part of the path.
  • Import on Win 98 will now find the Internal media folder.
  • Removed depedancy on Saxon.exe (and Microsoft Java Virtual machine) for PowerPoint Converter.
  • Fixed bug where default settings were sporadically lost on PPT Converter.


  • The layer field in the Create RTF Object Knowledge Object is now active.
  • Using the function rtfGetTextRange now works properly for an 8, 9 or 10 character range.

One Button Publishing

  • Publishing a piece that includes a library, first with the libray internal, then with the library external, now works correctly, the icons in the library are available for the packaged piece.

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