Editing in Premiere Elements

This tutorial will introduce you to editing projects in Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. You will learn how to edit your film, adjust the clip duration, apply transition effects and create a title for your movie.


For this tutorial, you need the following software:

Prerequisite knowledge:

Importing files to the project

  1. In the Tasks Panel, click on Edit to open the Edit workspace, and select Media.
  2. Click on the Organizer button to add media to the current project. You can choose from different media types that have already been imported to the Organizer, such as audio-clips, video-clips and images.
  3. It's possible to select multiple video clips from the list using the Control key or the Shift key and dragging them to the Sceneline panel (see figure 1).
  4. Image 1

    Figure 1: Simply drag items to your Sceneline panel to add them to your project.

    The elements are displayed in the Sceneline panel. You can rearrange the individual clips by dragging them to different positions within the Sceneline.

Editing in Premiere Elements

Trimming the length of your clip is the first step in editing. By adjusting the In and Out point handles in the Monitor panel, you can remove unwanted footage from the beginning and end of the clip. Remember that Premiere Elements always keeps a copy of the original clip allowing you to retrieve the original file at any time.

  1. Click on any clip in the Sceneline panel to display the first frame of the clip in the Monitor panel above. The full length of this clip is displayed below in the Timeline.
  2. The small markers indicate the In and Out point handles and the current time indicator. The In point handle marks the beginning of the clip, and the Out point handle represents the end of the clip. The current time indicator hangs down while the In and Out point handles point upward towards the Timeline.

  3. Click on the In point handle to the left, and drag it slightly to the right. The monitor displays the frame of the current position of the marker. Release the mouse when you have reached the position where the clip should start. Notice how the clip in the Timeline is trimmed. The trimmed portion of the clip to the left of the In point handle is now hidden.
  4. Repeat these steps to trim the end of the clip.

  5. Click on the Out point handle to the right and drag it to the left.
  6. Notice that the Monitor panel displays the first and/or final frame of your clip as you move the In or Out point handle as well as the frame of the adjacent clip (see figure 2). This means that the transitions between clips will appear seamless.

    Image 2

    Figure 2: By dragging the In and Out point handles you can trim the clip to the desired length. If there is an adjacent clip, the first or last frame of it will be displayed in the Monitor.

Transition effects in Premiere Elements

With the transitions feature, it's easy to create smooth changes between clips and avoid a 'hard cut' between clips.

  1. Click on the Transitions button on the Edit Task Panel to display a variety of transition templates.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Iris Diamond transition.
  3. Drag it to the transition icon in the Sceneline.
  4. Notice that the transition icon changes to indicate the transition effect you just chose (see figure 3).

    Image 3

    Figure 3: The "B" symbol represents the transition effect "Iris Diamond", whereas the arrow shows that no special transition effect has been selected.

  5. Drag the current time indicator on the Timeline to the left of the transition and click the Play button to preview the transition applied to your movie. If you want to change the transition effect simply right-click the transition symbol between the two clips in the Sceneline panel and choose another effect from the menu.
  6. If you want to change the transition effect, simply choose another transition from the drop down menu and drag it to the transition icon.

    Repeat the steps above to change as many transitions in your project as you wish. You can keep one transition effect or use different effects for each transition.

    An alternative way of choosing a transition effect is to right-click on the transition icon between two clips in the Sceneline panel. This brings up a menu from which you can choose among all possible transition effects.

Adding a title to your project

With Premiere Elements it's easy to add a title to your movie.

  1. In the Sceneline panel click on the clip where the title should be added.
  2. Click on the Titles button.
  3. There are a number of title design options in Adobe Premiere Elements (see figure 4).

    Image 4

    Figure 4: Premiere Elements offers many predesigned title themes.

  4. Drag one of the title templates to the Monitor panel. The title is now applied to your clip.
  5. You can adjust the length of the title by dragging the Out point handle of the title to the left to shorten it. Adjusting the length of a title can be done similarly to trimming a clip.

  6. Click on the text in the title to edit it. Type a text that fits your project.
  7. Choose the Selection tool and select the subtitle text.
  8. Click on one of the available pre-sets in the Text Animation panel.
  9. Click on the Preview button to open the Text Animation Preview window.
  10. To select the Text Animation, drag and drop it onto the subtitle text.
  11. Click on the Play button to preview your title effect and to preview your movie from the beginning.

Where to go from here

For more information and additional tutorials, visit the Adobe Design Center.