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Bugs fixed in Dreamweaver MX 6.1

In addition to the specific bugs outlined below, several stability issues in the shipping version of Dreamweaver MX have been addressed in this release.

There are intermittent occurrences of files being truncated or losing data when using Get/Put. (76640)
This occurs under certain circumstances if the "Refresh local file list automatically" is unchecked and the Site window has not been refreshed before putting a big file.

Updating pages via a template wipes out the body's onload event handler. (78200)

Relative-positioned Div/Span tags in a template cause Dreamweaver to think a change has been made in locked region when it hasn't. (77949)

Changes to a locked region are discarded. (78297)
After making an edit in a locked region from code view, saving the document brings up a dialog that allows the user to save the document, but the changes are discarded.

Getting files from a WebDAV site that is configured incorrectly deletes local files. (71441)
If the site configuration for a WebDAV server does not include the ":81", doing a get from that site deletes local files.

File is deleted when attempting to check it out when it has already been checked out. (74371)
If a file is already checked out by another user in a site that is using Visual SourceSafe, and you attempt to check it out, the file is deleted from the local folder.

Include directives get deleted when LiveData is invoked. (72592)
Include directives with the word "Include" capitalized are deleted when LiveData is invoked.

Under some circumstances when Dreamweaver crashes, site definitions are lost. (76615)

Dreamweaver fails to check out files before updating locked template pages. (77317)
Changes made in the template are reflected in the page, but Dreamweaver is not able to get a remote copy before performing the update.

The Space character and its preceding character are deleted if the Backspace key is used on a line of text containing a form item. (72789)

Making a template region around an image (with swap image or nav bar behavior) removes the behavior. (64228)

Dreamweaver disregards changes to quotes around attributes in code view. (79337)

Data corruption occurs when doing a find/replace of source text across a site with UTF-8 documents opened. (72612)

Importing a JSP Tag library will overwrite the tag name for some tag libraries. (78038)

The Quick Tag Editor wrap function puts span (and other) tags between table cells when wrapping around the selection in a table cell. (75994)
This also occurs with other tags, such as div, or when creating lists using the editor.

Translator code (MM:BeginLock) is revealed when dynamic file extension is set for Open in Code View. (76637)

Double quotes and ampersands get corrupted in UTF-8 docs. (76647)

Using tag or attribute names as filenames confuses link rewriter. (77200)
The tags or attribute names are rewritten as though they were files.

Edit Tag incorrectly rewrites code in an XHTML page. (77349)
When using edit tag on <input type=submit>, Dreamweaver attempts to rewrite a tag for XHTML compliance, and incorrectly writes it as:
<input name="" type="submit" />form>

Dreamweaver wipes out hand-coded white space when adding an additional list item. (43061)

PHP script link is corrupted when changing the name of the linked file. (78663)

The code editor cannot always distinguish between "&" and "& amp". (77367)

Using an include (for example, cfinclude) inside of <script> causes problems with MM:Lock. (75469)

Dragging a file into design view in OSX results in code reorganization. (66369)
The code from the file gets inserted into the open document at the insertion point, but Dreamweaver also attempts to merge the two documents together. So even though both documents have their own html, body, and head tags, the combined document has only one html, body, and head tag.

Dreamweaver creates corrupted code if pasted into BBEdit and viewed with invisibles on. (78081)

UTF-8 XML contents get corrupted when using a double-byte tag name. (77396)
This problem does not occur in Shift_JIS encoding XML or in UTF-8 with English tag names.

Hand-written CFML is corrupted in certain cases. (76811)
This causes the mmTranslatedValue attribute to show up in the code.

With a ColdFusion file, when switching to LiveData view and attempting to output XML from the server debug, the output is destroyed. (78401)

ColdFusion code in an XML document is rewritten when opened in Dreamweaver. (73945)

Unable to add repeat regions to an editable region of a template instance. (78573)

JavaScript error when right/ctrl-clicking on a <cfdirectory> tag with an absolute path. (77426)

Certain fields are missing from a saved Find/Replace query. (33791)
When saving a Find/Replace query, the following fields are not saved: Action, To, Replace Tag, Replace Tag & Contents, Add Before, and Add After.

Choosing Help > What's New from the Site window doesn't launch the What's New movie. (75677)
This occurs in the Classic workspace only.

JavaScript error when creating Web photo album when no document is open.(76000)

Undo/redo stack is forgotten when you press an arrow key. (71913)

Error message "Spelling check could not be initialized due to unknown error" appears when trying to use the Check Spelling command. (70761)
This error is encountered only by users of Macintosh OS X who are not logged in as an Administrator.

The tag <td> gets selected instead of <tr> in a single column table when clicking <tr> in the tag selector. (77983)

No coloring for keyword: endif in PHP code. (75590)

Dreamweaver generates non-XHTML code for the spacer images that are inserted in a table in Layout View. (75763)

New toolbars don't remember their position. (53434)

LiveData fails on Macintosh if the filename has a space in it. (71922)

The function dwscripts_createFolder(fileURL) incorrectly tries to create a folder when a folder already exists. (78608)

Dreamweaver displays a blank error dialog when trying to checkout the entire site. (77494)

The @import directive is rewritten and quotes are removed from the URL when moving/renaming a .CSS file within the Site window. (76228)

A JavaScript error occurs when choosing Text > Color while web.config file is open. (75840)

When checking in a file from a new folder, Dreamweaver puts file into the root folder in SourceSafe. (78064)

Edit operations don't work on tags when opening the HTML inspector for a second time. (24382)

The "cfinclude template" tag is inserted when inserting a server-side include after saving the document. (72791)

Dreamweaver incorrectly inserts the "dwcopytype" attribute when pasting between design and code view. (65713)

The wrong line number is selected when using the validator on the Macintosh. (77858)

Bulleted items indent when blank lines are removed from a bulleted list. (77023)

Changes can be made to locked code before or after the <html> tag in a template-based document. (77538)

Code coloring is misapplied after a <script> tag in some cases. (78206)

Can't open files with the .XHTML filename extension from the Site panel. (74957)
Also, Dreamweaver doesn't scan files with the .XHTML filename extension when updating library items.

Dreamweaver doesn't recognize JSP include directives in Design view. (78560)

Replacing the first occurrence of text found using Find and Replace results in later matches listed in the Results panel pointing to the wrong text. (76644)

Table column can't be resized to its minimum width if border, cell spacing, or padding are greater than zero. (79170)

ASP.NET form controls aren't rendered when in a document that is not part of a defined site. (77453)

Dreamweaver rewrites .XML code contained in a <cfsavecontent> tag. (77856)

If the Results panel is docked below the document toolbar, gray space appears next to the Results panel. (74133)

In some cases, an uppercase letter in a script prevents code from being deleted. (79920)

Dreamweaver doesn't allow editing of an asp:panel tag in Design view. (78708)

Dreamweaver incorrectly renders text that has both a CSS style and HTML font attributes. (78013)

A long pause with no feedback at the end of site synchronization for a large folder. (76411)

Unable to insert dynamic content in an editable region if a locked region contains a form element. (77312)

Dreamweaver sometimes doesn't reapply behaviors after reapplying a template. (72773)

Unable to bring an open document forward by choosing it from the Window menu when the Site panel has focus. (78073)

Docking a panel group makes hidden panels visible. (50007)

The Code inspector doesn't dock with other panels (Windows only). (55881)

The Document window loses focus after uploading the file to a server using Local/Network access. (72586)

In JSP and PHP, recordset code appears before the code that specifies page encoding. (75043)

Unable to make an ASP or ASP.NET connection using the English version of Dreamweaver in a European-language operating system. (75296)

When applying a CSS style to text contained in a <cfoutput> tag, the CSS code is added to the <cfoutput> tag. (71635)

In a ColdFusion Component file, the Reference panel doesn't provide context-sensitive information on ColdFusion tags. (73063)

In some cases, the Set Nav Bar Image behavior inserts an extra <a> tag. (73177)

Changing the format of dynamic text in an ASP VBScript file causes the Language declaration to move to an invalid place in the code. (79862)

Changing the document type of a template-based page doesn't change the filename extension. (72555)

Code coloring of CFML dynamic data expressions inside some strings doesn't work properly. (77855)

The Record Update Form displays menu items to be matched incorrectly if they're static text rather than dynamic. (77923)

Invalid code is produced by creating a dynamic menu with static items in a Record Update Form. (75851)

In some cases, an "Unidentified Error" occurs when connecting to a database using PHP. (76550)

An editable region surrounding a <td> or <tr> tag may result in unexpected extra or missing <td> tags. (76131)

Editing a stylesheet causes the CSS panel to expand all collapsed styles. (79311)

Searching for a specific tag that doesn't contain another specific tag causes the Not Containing option to change to Containing. (77623)

Dragging a document from Windows Explorer into Dreamweaver closes the previously opened file. (55689)

In some cases, pasting text into the Code inspector doesn't work properly. (74774)

The Site panel doesn't maximize correctly if another panel is docked next to it. (57433)

Creating a DataGrid on a page with a form deletes the form. (71244)

With "smart move" enabled on a Logitech wireless mouse, clicking in Code view results in endless scrolling. (55307)

Editing a <cfquery> tag using the tag editor inserts extra text. (77378)

A tag with an id or name that contains the string "serverModel" causes problems in Design view. (72419)

Pasting a table row into an editable region inside a table doesn't work. (78131)

When deploying supporting files on multi-user systems, Dreamweaver MX doesn't copy supporting files to the application folder for the chosen server model. (75459)

Creating a database connection using the RDS Panel prepends your user name to the mmServerScripts directory that gets created. (77932)

The Property Inspector converts link value to lower case. (72121)
This is an issue with UNIX servers, which are case sensitive.

Inserting a Server Side Include (SSI) in a CFML document type inserts a CFINCLUDE tag. (78394)

Using the Oracle Thin Driver results in a SQL error. (72264)

When creating a new JavaScript document type, selecting Text > Color displays an error message. (72274)

Dreamweaver MX does not check to see if a DataSet needs to be initialized prior to returning the attribute's value. (75934)

When checking spelling in a document, correcting the spelling of a misspelled word and pressing the Enter key to commit the correction does not work. (77616)

Hidden characters (such as line breaks), display as a series of square boxes in the find and replace dialog box. (72409)

Dreamweaver MX corrupts files created using previous Dreamweaver releases when the file is updated. (69190)

The Property Inspector loses UI elements and functionality when you collapse and then expand the Property Inspector several times. (73594)

The Check Spelling does not begin checking the document from the selected insertion point; instead it goes back to the beginning of the document. (18593)

When working with ASP.NET documents, Dreamweaver MX inserts the Datalist Datasource attribute if none is selected. (71260)
This occurs when using ASP.NET documents, such as the samples provided by Microsoft, that don't use the mm:dataset.

Dreamweaver issues multiple warnings when you select a filename of 32 characters or more on the Macintosh. (77536)

Dreamweaver MX does not let you sort link checker results using both header and filename. (77591)

When opening a page that does not have a page directive, Dreamweaver MX does not match the server model of the current site. (68913)

Editing The ASP.NET Data Set behavior erases attributes previously set by the user. (69060)

The error message ''Document-relative URLs cannot be resolved until the file is saved" appears twice when attempting to resolve a URL within a document that has not been saved. (70794)

Pressing the Enter/Return key twice at the end of a nested list creates a new item in the outer list. (46847)

Carriage returns inserted in code view are removed by edits users make in design view. (69389)

Dreamweaver MX reports a JavaScript error when editing a Server Behavior with invalid html tags. (72141)

Saving the current document with two or more documents open breaks the design view of background document. (72629)

Dreamweaver MX reports a JavaScript error when editing an Insert Record server behavior after a rename of a table or column in a database. (72303)

Unable to checks a site's links with all documents closed. (79159)

When performing a site-wide search for a specific tag, the focus goes to the incorrect field when defining a specific tag query. (77622)

Dreamweaver MX replaces the contents of the Target field in the Behaviors panel with the content of a URL after a comma (for example,+John). (70951)

When using the Windows Snap To settings (Settings > Control Panel > Mouse > Motion) the mouse pointer defaults to the Property Inspector when in code view. (77979)
This has been fixed so that you can select code elements in the Document window.

With two or more documents open, and one or more of them maximized, when restoring a maximized document to its original size, the previously opened document is selected. (72470)

When attempting to do a site-wide find and replace with no documents open, the Find and Replace menu item is unavailable. (79160)
You can now perform a site wide find and replace by selecting Edit > Find and Replace.

On Windows 2000, Dreamweaver MX changes the file selection or auto-collapse folders when a user switches between Dreamweaver and another application. (77527)

Dreamweaver MX automatically refreshes the Site panel each time the application is brought to the front. (44828)

When working with a .js file type, only the filename appears in the title bar. (77772)
The title bar now displays the directory path of the file, improving file management.

The code coloring background color leaves a gap between the lines of code. (74997)

Layer and Ilayer tag options were removed in the original release of Dreamweaver MX, however, they are still available in the from the context menu. (64873)
They have now been removed from the context menu also; only the SPAN and DIV tags are available from the context menu.

When saving a file as "New," the pointer loses focus. (73437)

Dreamweaver MX displays the debug assert window when defining a testing server for an existing remote site connection. (77142)

The dwscriptsExtData.js file contains an incorrect parameter name. (78279)

The original release of Dreamweaver MX had some language inconsistencies and errors. (73155) (71619)
These have been corrected.

The original release of Dreamweaver MX had some issues in the resizing and docking of dialogs boxes and panels, in the inconsistent display of various UI elements, and in the ease with which certain panels can be minimized and maximized. (77921, 77595, 71403, 55409, 52376, 53126, 58787, 52829, 66992)
These problems have been corrected.