Flash Remoting TechNote

Calling a non-existent service

When a Flash movie attempts to connect to a non-existent service, an error message will appear inside the NetConnection Debugger. Flash will not display this error in the Authoring trace window, nor will an error be shown in a browser.


When NetServices calls the server and request a service that does not exist the server will throw an exception and pass this error back to the NetConnection Debugger window. Using the NetConnection Debugger is the only way to determine that this error occurred. In the NetConnection Debugger an AMFStatusCall message will be displayed with the code "SERVER.PROCESSING" and a description that states "Service threw an exception during method invocation: No service named myServiceFolder.myServiceName is known to Flash Remoting." More detailed information will be displayed in the details property of the message.


The most common cause for this error is either a spelling mistake in the service name or the location of the service is different than what is listed in the NetService.getService() function. First, confirm that the service is spelled correctly and matches the name on the server. Next, confirm that the folder location and spelling of the folders matches the path provided in the getService method. If the service is still not being found, testing the Flash Remoting gateway can confirm that it is functioning properly.

Last updated: June 26, 2002
Created: May 31, 2002
ID: 16395
Product: Flash Remoting
Versions: MX
OS: All
Browser: All
Server: None
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