Flash Remoting TechNote

Unsuccessful attempts to connect to Flash Remoting on multihomed Microsoft IIS servers

When you install ColdFusion MX to work with the Microsoft IIS server, ColdFusion MX is configured to work with the IIS Default website. However, the installer does not automatically configure files and services so that ColdFusion MX and the Flash Remoting service will work with virtual sites on a multihomed server (meaning a server that provides access for multiple domain names and IP addresses). This is because the ColdFusion MX installer configures the Default website and not the Master Properties sheet.

This TechNote describes how to modify the application server and the IIS web server so that Flash Remoting will work in a multihomed server configuration. Specifically, you'll learn how to:

Enabling the Flash Remoting service for all sites

While installing ColdFusion MX, the JRun web server configuration tool (wsconfig) modifies the IIS Default website's properties by:

  • Adding the JRun Connector ISAPI filter.
  • Adding the recognized ColdFusion MX file extensions.
  • Creating the JRunScripts virtual directory.

Although the installation does not configure virtual sites, ColdFusion MX pages will run because certain default settings are assigned to the Master Properties sheet. Flash Remoting service is limited to the Default website, however, because JRunScripts virtual directories are not created for virtual sites and they cannot access the JRun Connector ISAPI filter at the time of installation.

To enable the Flash Remoting service on a multihomed server, reconfigure ColdFusion MX to add a JRun Connector ISAPI filter and create a JRunScripts virtual directory for each virtual site.

  1. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  2. Run the cf_root\bin\connectors\Remove_ALL_connectors.bat to remove the existing ISAPI filter.*
  3. Run the cf_root\bin\connectors\IIS_connectors.bat to properly configure all existing sites.
  4. Start the World Wide Web Publishing Service.

* In the initial release of ColdFusion MX, the Remove_ALL_connectors.bat file includes the commandline ..\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe.
The correct path for the commandline is ..\..\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe.
This is logged as Macromedia issue 46213 and it is fixed in the ColdFusion MX Updater. Edit this comandline or install the updater prior to running this file.

After enabling the Flash Remoting service for a multihomed server, ensure that the WWW Service Master Properties are properly configured by testing access to the Flash Remoting service from all virtual sites.

For example, to determine whether you can access the service on "a" virtual site, (such as, do the following:

  • Enter this URL in a browser:
    • Receive a blank page if the site does have access.
    • Receive a 404 error if the site does not have access.

Note: This procedure does not automatically provide virtual sites that you create in the future with access to the Flash Remoting service. See the next section to learn how to create the virtual directories on the ColdFusion MX server--which are necessary when building new virtual sites that use Flash Remoting.

Creating directories for new virtual sites

In order for a newly created virtual site to have access to the Flash Remoting service, you'll need to create a JRunScripts virtual directory for that site using the following procedure.

  1. Within the Internet Service Manager, right-click the new virtual site's name. Select New > Virtual Directory and click Next.
  2. Enter JrunScripts as the Alias and click Next.
  3. Enter the path to the directory that contains the jrun.dll file and click Next.

    For example, cf_root\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1
  4. Enable the Execute option (for example, ISAPI applications or CGI), disable other options and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.

    The new JRunScripts virtual directory is created and selected.
  6. Right-click the JRunScripts virtual directory and select Properties.
  7. Click Remove to remove the Application name.
  8. Click OK to save changes and close the Properties sheet.

Last updated: September 18, 2002
Created: August 6, 2002
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Product: Flash Remoting
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