Adobe enterprise server and design tools migration

Extending the value of existing core enterprise systems

Adobe has developed Adobe® LiveCycle™, a new generation of enterprise server and design tools built on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). These new and upgraded products leverage the open standards and high-performance capabilities of J2EE to significantly enhance your organization's ability to integrate electronic documents with enterprise processes, thus improving data quality and communication among customers, constituents, partners, and employees.

By migrating to the new products, your organization can:

The benefits of migrating

By migrating, your organization can leverage J2EE's flexible and open architecture to eliminate software and platform compatibility issues, streamline the exchange and capture of data, and easily scale your solution to fit expanding business requirements. As a result, you can rapidly and cost-effectively generate Intelligent Documents, integrate them into current online processes, and take advantage of future technologies and solutions that will enable your organization to be more successful.

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Guidelines for migrating

If you're planning to migrate to Adobe LiveCycle products from earlier versions, these guidelines will help you plan your migration strategies and procedures. (PDF: 240K )

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Adobe LiveCycle enterprise server and design tools

The recommended migration path for Adobe products is as follows:

Current Adobe product Upgraded Adobe product
Adobe Form Designer 5.0 Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Adobe Form Server 5.0 Adobe LiveCycle Forms
Adobe Document Server for Reader Extensions 5.0/6.0 Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions

The following optional migration paths are also available:

Current Adobe product Upgraded Adobe product
Adobe Acrobat® 6.0 Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Adobe Form Client 4.x/5.x Adobe LiveCycle Designer and Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
JetForm Filler and Delrina FormFlow Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Adobe Output Designer 4.x/5.x (for JetForm Filler customers only) Adobe LiveCycle Designer or Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions

How Adobe will help with the migration process

We realize that transition is not always easy. With this in mind, Adobe has formulated a comprehensive transition strategy to simplify your migration to the recommended upgrade products and accelerate time to value. Adobe has support and professional services available to assist your enterprise throughout the process.

To begin the migration process, please contact your Adobe sales representative or solutions partner to discuss the right option for you.

Adobe Premium Support customers can contact the Customer Center at 866-766-2256 or their account manager.