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RoboHelp 2000 Service Release 3

Rho800Sr3.exe (August 16, 2000) is the 3rd Service Release for all RoboHelp Office, RoboHelp Classic and RoboHelp Html Edition 2000 users. It is a standard application that finds the install directory for RoboHelp and updates the necessary files via a self-extracting EXE.

Check here to see if you need the latest Service Release.

Service Release 3 specifically addresses issues with Internet Explorer 5.5:

  1. Addressed several issues with applet loading in Internet Explorer (behind the scenes).
  2. Resolved issue with Text-Only Popup sizes in Internet Explorer.
  3. Resolved issue with Popup's not working under Internet Explorer 5.5.
  4. Resolved issue with Index and Search data Input problems using DHTML in Internet Explorer 5.5.
  5. Resolved issue with blank Search tab after loading index under Internet Explorer 5.5.
  6. Resolved issue with improper size of applet on Linux OS under Netscape 4.x (requires re-compile of WebHelp after Service Release is installed).
  7. Resolved issue with improper size of Related Topics found dialog box on Linux OS under Netscape 4.72.
  8. Resolved issue with Popup display problems on iMac under Internet Explorer 5.0
  9. Resolved issue with size of DHTML Navigation Pane on iMac under Internet Explorer.
  10. Resolved issue with Popup Menu problems with topics using numbers as titles.
  11. New HHactiveX.dll addresses issues in HTML Help with browse sequence support if users has Internet Explorer 5.5

NOTE: This Service Release incorporates Service Release 1 and Service Release 2.

IMPORTANT - WebHelp users may also need to perform the following steps:

If you created a WebHelp project prior to installing Service Release 3, you will need to copy the files located in the IE55PATCH folder (which is located within your RoboHelp application folder) to your WebHelp project folder (which is the folder your WebHelp project is generated to).  To do this:

  1. Click on Start|Find|Files or Folders.
  2. In the Named text box, type in IE55PATCH and click Find Now.
  3. When the results are returned/found, double click on the IE55PATCH folder to display the contents (12 files).
  4. Hit the Ctrl + A keys to select all files.
  5. From the menu bar, click on Edit|Copy.
  6. Navigate to your WebHelp folder.
  7. Right click to bring up a Popup menu and click Paste to update and overwrite the files.

Note: You do not need to re-compile your existing WebHelp projects in order to take advantage of the fixes.

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