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RoboHelp 9.1 Service Release 2

NOTE: This Service Release is only for RoboHelp 9.1 users.  Please be sure you have RoboHelp 9.1 installed prior to installing this Service Release. 

Rho910Sr2.exe (02/09/01) is the 2nd Service Release for all RoboHelp Office, RoboHelp Classic and RoboHelp Html Edition 9.1 users. It is a standard application that finds the install directory for RoboHelp and updates the necessary files via a self-extracting EXE.

How do I know if RoboHelp 9.1 is installed?

  1. Open RoboHelp
  2. Click HELP| "About RoboHelp" from the drop down menu

    • If you have Build 520, then RoboHelp 9.1 is installed  
    • If the build number is 521, you already have Service Release 2 installed. 

This Service Release incorporates Service Release 1.  

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