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Public sector


Adobe can help federal, state, and local government agencies continue to deliver operational continuity, transparent communications, and information that’s accessible to everyone.


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Watch the Adobe Digital Government Symposium on demand


Adobe Document Cloud government rapid response program



Despite big challenges, there are things retailers can do to adjust their operations, keep customers happy, and set the stage for a new way of working.


4 ways retailers can respond to COVID-19


Tips for increasing the efficiency and functionality of your e-commerce business


Customer journey analytics: Omnichannel analysis really can happen in real time



Financial services


Banks, investment firms, and insurance companies are accelerating the move to 100% digital operations so they can maintain business continuity, deliver easy-to-use digital services to customers, and make it easier for employees to work from home.


How banks can make sign-ups simple


Digital onboarding for banks


Top 10 reasons to implement digital document workflows with e-signatures


Strengthen customer relationships in uncertain times


Keep banking and insurance operations running without interruption



The year 2020 has reminded us how important it is for our healthcare infrastructure to scale — and digital innovations like telehealth and e-signatures are a key part of the solution.


How to get started with e-signatures


On-demand webinar: The Adobe Sign Use Case Showcase for Healthcare


Providing certainty in uncertain times with effective healthcare communications


Best practices for healthcare companies: How to respond to COVID-19


Our partner Microsoft’s work with the CDC

High tech


Technology companies have been helping people connect with one another, find critical information and services, and get work done. Now’s the time for them to build on their business continuity strategy so they can continue to drive digital transformation and support their customers.  


How high-tech enterprises maintain resilience in times of crisis


Turn volatility into opportunity: How tech companies thrive in an unpredictable world


Own the moment: B2B marketing trends For 2020


Microsoft U.S. CMO: Account-based marketing builds intimacy with B2B customers

Media, entertainment, and telecommunications


Media and entertainment companies are working hard to deliver accurate news, information, and entertainment worldwide. With the right strategies and tools, they can continue to unify people, lift our spirits, and help create a renewed sense of optimism.


Cracking the code for delivering a truly customer-first entertainment experience


Four ways Telco companies are navigating COVID-19


Four ways media and entertainment companies can navigate COVID-19



With many schools embracing the possibilities of distance learning, Adobe is offering greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps as well as distance learning resources to help students and teachers stay on track. 


Adobe enables distance learning globally for students impacted by COVID-19


Adobe distance learning resources


Easily create a single PDF of your assignments

Travel, hospitality, and dining


By leaning into data and offering personalized digital experiences in real time, airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, travel agents, and restaurants can continue to serve their customers, earn trust and loyalty, and recover faster.


Adobe innovations for travel and hospitality brands


A guide for travel, hospitality, and dining industries to innovate and recover

Connect with your peers in the Experience League Community

Connect with your peers in the Experience League community.


Right now, every organization is under pressure to openly communicate with and guide their customers. These challenges are compounded by the need to reorient and maintain operations. We understand this well at Adobe, as we face these challenges alongside our communities of customers and partners. We’re all in this together, and we’d like to help you cover your bases so you can remain flexible and adaptable.


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Discover the Adobe Digital Economy Index.


The index is a real-time barometer of the digital economy, analyzing trillions of online transactions to help companies anticipate trends and get a better read of the digital world. See what consumers and businesses are buying now so you can better prepare for the weeks and months ahead.


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A new business reality takes a new breed of leader.


Join us for this first-of-its-kind global event, dedicated to helping Experience Makers like you adapt to today’s evolving status quo. Get tangible strategies from leaders and peers you can take back to your business to thrive — not just now but in the future.



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