Nature in a new light.

See how Luke Stackpoole brings nature to life.

See how Luke Stackpoole brings nature to life.

Expand your photography horizons.

Luke of @withluke left his old job in finance and now brings a new angle to landscapes and images of the natural world. Here, he shares tips and Lightroom tutorials to help you to add extra drama to your final images.

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Luke’s nature photography stories

Dramatising landscapes with a DSLR.


On location off the beaten track, Luke’s unique style demands early starts and carefully planned routes.

Enhancing moments caught on a mobile.

The right framing and a strong focal point helps Luke capture images with great potential that are ready-to-edit.

What’s in your camera bag.

Wherever he’s going, Luke’s go-to equipment includes a tripod for shooting landscapes in low-light.

Lightroom Tutorials

Take control of colour, composition and other elements to bring your own vision of nature to life.



Use colour to create drama.

Utilise the Colour Mixer and the Effects and Detail panels – and tame any overly-vibrant colours.

Balancing colours in your image.

Desaturate certain colours to transform your image. Add effects with the Vignette Tool and Split Toning.

Add light where you want it.

Use the Radial filters to really bring out selected areas of interest. Remove unwanted ‘noise’ with the Masking Tool.


Create interest with dynamic light.

Use Graduated Filters to create dynamic light and the Selective Brush Tool to boost chosen areas of colour.


Enhancing image tones.


Add interest using the Tone Curve and a film look with the Grain Tool, then fine tune with an adjustment brush.

Draw the viewer’s eye.

Create your own Presets in LR mobile for a consistent style. Remove distracting elements with the Healing Brush Tool.

Ready to start editing your shots?

Get @withluke’s Lightroom preset.

Download Luke’s Lightroom preset for free. Created to give even the smallest of nature’s stories bigger visual impact, it will help you to bring your own wildlife images to life. Install it on Lightroom desktop and then sync with the mobile app.

Get @withluke’s Lightroom preset.

Find your own style.


For each new scene or subject, get new tricks to make your shots stand out.


Find the plan that’s right for you.

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Photography (1TB)


Lightroom on desktop and mobile and Lightroom Classic, plus Photoshop on desktop and iPad.