Adobe Captivate Prime
(December 2020 Release)

AI-Powered Personalized Learning Experiences

AI-Powered Personalized Learning Experiences

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My Team View

My Team View

Give managers access to a consolidated summary of their direct and indirect teams’ training progress and performance. Get insights into your organization’s skills summary and take informed decisions to keep your workforce trained.

Learning summary

Learning Summary

Keep track of your teams’ learning performance via charts that represent vital stats on course enrolment, progressions, and completions. Understand learning patterns, take business decisions, and provide feedback with the My Team View and Training View features. 

Comprehensive tracking

Comprehensive Tracking

Automatically track all online learning activity such as assessments, course progress, skill-level attainment, and learning status, to ensure accurate, hassle-free reporting.

All-new Reporting Dashboards

All-new Reporting Dashboards

Provide managers with granular insights about the usage of the platform. Keep track of user activities like engagement data and license usage with the Reporting Dashboard.

Compliance dashboard

Compliance Dashboard

Ensure your teams’ adherence to organizational compliance. Get a consolidated view of their performance against upcoming deadlines, to maintain a team that’s 100% compliant, and always audit-ready.

Learner transcripts

Learner Transcripts

Give managers and admins the authority to create reports on learners’ progress and their learning initiatives. Generate learner transcripts to track the learning history of individuals or teams.

Scheduled notifications

Scheduled Notifications

Allow managers to easily notify their team members. Monitor any team member’s course enrolment, certification completion, missed deadlines, and schedule notifications based on requirements.

Role-based reporting

Role-based Reporting

Ensure that managers are always informed of their team’s progress. Set up report suites based on organizational roles.

Learning Plan

Learning Plan

Auto-assign learning programs to users and strategize content based on their previous learning activity.

Easy set-up of learning structure

Easy Set-up of Learning Structure

Reuse modules across existing courses to create structured learning paths. Create learning programmes and certifications by integrating virtual or live classrooms with eLearning courses.

Auto-generated user groups

Auto-generated User Groups

Create user-groups automatically based on unique identifiable attributes. Assign specific learning programs to peer groups.

Personalized learner homepage

Personalized Learner Home page

Transform every learner's experience with personalized dashboards and customizable drag-and-drop widgets. Provide them with an overview of completed, pending, and recommended courses, alongside their badges and other milestones.

Badges and Transcripts


Inspire learners to stay on track with their learning activities. Share badges on successful course completion and milestones of the learner.

Push Notifications & Announcements

Push Notifications and Announcements

Keep learners informed about upcoming courses, session details, important deadlines, or expiry of certification, with push notifications on the native app.

Customized experiences

Customized Experiences

Take control of learners’ home page content. Configure custom catalogs for distinct user groups using custom branding and unique themes.

Seamless standardization

Seamless Migration from your Old LMS

Migrate your existing LMS users, content, and learning data with ease to Adobe Captivate Prime. Ensure zero downtime for your learners with continuous iterations of data-migration.

Content provider integration

Content Provider Integration

Give learners access to enrol for courses offered by third-party content providers, such as LinkedIn Learning (, Harvard Manage Mentor, and Get Abstract*.

*To be purchased separately from 3rd party content providers



Provide your departments, divisions, or clients with their own instance of LMS, which they can customize, brand, administer, and manage while sharing seats, catalogs, or reports.

xAPI support

xAPI Support

Have a single view of users' learning journey by capturing all formal and informal learning using xAPI statements and the inbuilt Learning Record Store (LRS) of Adobe Captivate Prime.

Next-generation Data Visualization Tools

Next-generation Data Visualization Tools

Take advantage of Microsoft Power BI Integration to export multiple reports like user data, learner transcripts, etc. as a unified dataset. Download and customize ready-made templates with Power BI Templates.

AI-powered Training Recommendations

AI-powered Training Recommendations

Take advantage of the AI-powered recommendation engine and suggest learning programs to users within their landing page. The recommendation logic is based on implicit employee traits drawn from other enterprise HR systems, lookalike traits populated from an extensive resume & skills database, and explicit interests gathered from user input. The user can override the selection from the My Interests panel.

Embedded Fluidic Player

Embedded Fluidic Player

Deliver learning programs that are embedded within your brand experience, via the 'headless LMS' through APIs. The Fluidic Player allows learners to engage with courses, while the learning data is automatically reported back to Adobe Captivate Prime.

Native Branding

Native Branding

Introduce your brand elements in the learning experience of the user. Integrate the logo, brand colors, and other visual aspects in the UI.

Admin Recommended Training Widget

Admin Recommended Training Widget

Deliver courses to specific learner cohorts based on organizational or functional priorities. Admins can enable this customizable widget on the learners’ home page that displays a collection of course cards.

Adobe Experience Manager Learning Component

Adobe Experience Manager Learning Component

Now integrate Adobe Captivate Prime courses right within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites by taking advantage of the new learning component. Elements of the learner home page such as My Learning and course recommendations can automatically be synched to the AEM Sites front end using a nifty drag-and-drop workflow that avoids complex coding and expensive implementation costs.



Enable gamification among peer groups with their performance mapped on a leaderboard. Recognize learner achievements with badges and certifications when they conquer specific learning milestones, program completion, etc.



Enforce positive competitiveness amongst employees with a gamified leaderboard. Motivate peers to self-assign learning programs. Track their learning patterns as they progress ahead.



Motivate your audience at every milestone. Allow learners to receive badges on successfully completing learning modules and programs.

Adobe Marketo Engage Connector

 Marketo Engage Connector

Use data from your learning platform to drive automated marketing campaigns targeted towards your customers and partners using the Marketo Engage integration with Adobe Captivate Prime. Learning data such as user addition, course enrolments, course completions, and skill attainment can be exported from Adobe Captivate Prime to create rich audience lists in Marketo Engage.

Just-in-time learning with job aids

Just-in-time Learning with Job Aids

Make reference content accessible to employees when they need it, without having to enroll in a course or a learning program.

Offline learning

Offline Learning

Allow learners to continue learning even when they are offline. The Adobe Captivate Prime app* downloads learning content and makes it available for offline access and auto-syncs to the server when the learner is back online.

*Available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.



User Management

Manage external and internal users separately using the segregated view. Move users across groups and nominate group managers. Import users from other systems using an FTP server.


SFDC Integration

Train sales teams more efficiently by providing them the convenience to access assigned courses right from within SFDC. Use the inbuilt Salesforce connector to match SFDC user details with Adobe Captivate Prime. Allow your sales reps to get a full view of their personal learning dashboard and receive notifications about upcoming learning tasks within SFDC.

Sso Integration

SSO Integration

Enable enterprise login support with Single Sign-On through SAML using external identity providers (IdPs) such as Okta, OneLogin, Oracle Federated Identity (OIF), and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service. Adobe Captivate Prime is compatible with all external IdPs that support SAML 2.0.

Aautomated learning plans

Automated Learning Plans

Auto-assign learning activities and orchestrate branched learning based on the outcome of the previous learning activity.

AI-powered Social Learning

AI-powered Social Learning

Allow learners to share their expertise with peers in the form of web-based or user-generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards. Other learners interested in similar skills can follow these boards to learn and even contribute to the topic, akin to a social media platform. Take advantage of automated content curation powered by Adobe Sensei.

Skills Dashboard

Skills Dashboard

Provide a high-level summary to managers of their teams’ status against the assigned skills.  Assess and forecast future skill levels in the team based on the training progress and performance stats.

Course-feedback Reports

Course-feedback Reports

Now gain access to consolidated L1 and L3 feedback reports from users and managers respectively, for selected training periods. These reports have a 3-month date access range.

Recurring Certifications

Recurring Certifications

Ensure that your organisation is up-to-date and compliant by automatically assigning courses based on events. Reassign programs or certifications when they expire.

One-click Publish using
Adobe Captivate

Get your training content out to your learners easily with a virtually plug and play content-LMS integration. Track any format of eLearning content.


Synchronised Users & Catalogue

Synchronize users periodically between Adobe Captivate Prime and other enterprise systems of record. Automatically import user details from HRMS or other applications, such as SFDC.

Adobe Connect Integration

Integrate with Adobe Connect Virtual Classrooms - Create and schedule sessions; launch your session with a single click; automatically track attendance, completion and time spent; and view post-session recordings all from within Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.

LCMS functionality

Combine modules to create courses, learning programs and curricula. Keep your learning content recent & updated with automatic version control.

Discussion Board

Encourage learners to interact with peers and instructors, leading to a better understanding of concepts.


Mobile App for Smartphones

Allow learners to stream learning content even when they are offline, right from within the Adobe Captivate Prime App on their smartphones.

Attendance marking using QR code

Allow learners to mark attendance of classroom sessions more easily by simply scanning the QR code generated by the instructor.

Choice of language, format and delivery type

Allow your learners to change their language or format any time while taking the course and also select a delivery type based on their preferred learning style - be it eLearning, virtual classroom, or instructor-led training.

Note-taking for revision

Enhance retention by allowing learners to bookmark and create revision notes. Notes can be taken in real-time and spun across multiple modules. These notes act like microlearning bytes that learners can email to themselves for easy access.

Skill-based Learning

Help close skill gaps, develop new skills and track how skill enhancement impacts on-the-job performance of your employees. Ensure that your training initiatives are completely aligned with business objectives for best results.

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Let's talk about what
Adobe Captivate Prime can do for your business

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