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Collaborate and edit video with your team, anywhere.

{{Premiere-Pro}} is packed with collaboration features that help creative teams work better together and get to final faster.

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Keep everyone and everything together.

Get feedback from reviewers on your timeline. Share footage, assets, and your creative vision with the collaborative tools in the industry-leading video editing app.

Frame.io for {{Creative-Cloud}} is included with your subscription.

Frame.io enables real-time review and approval from an unlimited number of reviewers. It also includes lightning-fast media sharing, direct Camera to Cloud transfers.

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Team up with multiuser editing.

Collaborate with other editors in shared timelines from anywhere, save and share updates to the cloud, and lock sequences to avoid conflicts while editing.

Keep content on-brand and fresh with Creative Cloud Libraries.

Work with logos, graphics, colors, and more with searchable Creative Cloud libraries that are easy to share and access across Creative Cloud apps.


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Editing Everything Everywhere All at Once.

When Paul Rogers edited his latest film he relied on Frame.io and Premiere Pro. “I loved how specific you could be with the notes,” he says. “You could hit the exact timecode, draw images on top, and circle the thing that was bothering you.”

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Collaborate across time and space.

Filmmaker David Lowery relies on Frame.io to work with teams around the globe for all his films including his latest, The Green Knight. “The creative work itself got better because we were able to communicate so much more effectively,” he says.

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Storytelling from coast to coast.

From social media to commercial campaigns to feature documentaries, the Malka team depends on the Frame.io cloud workflow to keep their creatives and clients connected, even when they’re far apart.


How do I get Frame.io for Creative Cloud?

It’s included with Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. No additional payment or registration is required. Simply update your apps and start collaborating.

How is Frame.io for Creative Cloud integrated?

The Frame.io panel is built directly into Premiere Pro and After Effects. So you can do real-time review and approval, commenting, and frame-accurate annotations — without leaving your favorite video apps.

How many reviewers can provide feedback?

You can share with an unlimited number of reviewers, no matter where they are in the world.

What languages is Frame.io offered in?

Currently, the Frame.io extension and web app are in English. The Frame.io iOS app is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. When using Frame.io in your web browser via app.frame.io, you may use browser translation and localization options.

How do I get started with collaborative video editing in Premiere Pro?

Team Projects is available in Premiere Pro with all Creative Cloud subscriptions.


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