Programmatic advertising can be challenging without the right platform.


Marketers can struggle with getting the most from their programmatic media buys.
Multiple, overlapping platforms.
Multiple, overlapping platforms.
Lack of campaign personalization.
Lack of campaign personalization.
Incomplete access to inventory.
Incomplete access to inventory.
Inability to target ads dynamically.
Inability to target ads dynamically.


Run programmatic advertising with confidence and clarity.


You don’t have to leave your programmatic strategy to chance when you put the right demand-side platform (DSP) in place.


Maximized performance with a single platform.
Maximized performance with a single platform.
Unified bid automation allows you to act on real-time and rules-based decisions faster. Data silos are taken down as a direct flow of conversion and engagement data is aligned with media data for optimization, attribution, and reporting.
Automated optimization and personalization.
Automated optimization and personalization.
Programmatic creative capabilities make optimizing your ads with personal messaging a breeze, enabling you to dynamically insert individual creative elements.
Complete access to cross-channel ad inventory.
Complete access to cross-channel ad inventory. 
With a unified programmatic advertising solution, such as Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can view and manage a complete set of channel-specific inventory under one roof, helping to streamline decisions and improve campaign consistency.
The right ad at the right moment.
The right ad at the right moment.
Target, test, and measure ad responses in real time, and adjust creative assets in nanoseconds with dynamic ad creation and delivery capabilities.
Programmatic advertising
Adobe can help.
The integrations inside our Adobe Advertising Cloud help you programmatically manage an array of data sets to create high-value audiences, then efficiently reach those audiences at optimal cost across connected channels.



Getting more value from programmatic campaigns.


Successful brands leverage Adobe Advertising Cloud to improve ad engagement and lift revenues.
Ottokar Rosenberger, CMO, Hostelworld Group


“Adobe Media Optimizer [now Adobe Advertising Cloud] has been transformational in the way we manage our search [campaigns].”
— Ottokar Rosenberger,
CMO, Hostelworld Group

Henry Marshall, Paid Search Manager, House of Fraser
“We’ll put in the budget we want to spend on a specific day, and the bidding algorithm will work out where we need to put budget across all of our keywords in order to get the best return.”
— Henry Marshall,
Paid Search Manager, House of Fraser


Programmatic advertising FAQ.

What is the most effective way to get started with programmatic advertising?
Use a fully integrated demand-side platform and data management platform that will allow you to leverage data fully in your media plans, providing better targeting, reporting, and time-to-market.
How do we protect ourselves against ad fraud?
Using the Adobe Advertising Cloud suite of brand safety features, such as app- and site-level screening, contextual targeting, and pre-bid filtering as well as third-party integrations, you get an additional layer of safety.
Do I have targeting options with a demand-side platform for programmatic buys?
Yes. Geographic targeting, day parting, frequency capping, and other dimensions may be offered by leading DSPs. More advanced targeting features, such as retargeting and audience targeting, may also be available.
Can we extend our strategy from display to other channels with a single solution?
Yes. With an integrated set of solutions such as Adobe Advertising Cloud, you’re able to unify and coordinate social, mobile, video, and TV channel strategies without having to use multiple platforms.
How do we protect our data when we automate our buys?
When you use a transparent and independent DSP, the data you bring to the software is yours and yours alone. The data is portable and flexible, so you can ingest and export all the data you own.
I want to know  the algorithms and modeling that drive our technology solution. Is this possible?
Yes. It's important to get an understanding of how the software works and what levers you can pull, so Adobe provides a clear vision of the engine behind the intelligence. 

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