Make your digital assets work for you.

You can’t deliver today’s immersive digital experiences using yesterday’s tools. Adobe Experience Manager Assets is more than just a place to store assets. It’s a cloud-native DAM that helps you create relevant, personalized experiences for every channel and every screen.

Digital asset management

Any old DAM can manage assets. But only Adobe Experience Manager Assets offers a cloud-native solution with an AI and machine learning backbone. By automating tedious processes, it frees both creatives and marketers to focus on their strengths. And while other solutions force you to choose between scalability and customization, Experience Manager is the only DAM that lets you both seamlessly scale and continuously innovate to meet the complex needs of your business.

Native Creative Cloud connection

No other asset management solution offers native connectivity across Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services. Adobe Experience Manager Assets provides a platform for your marketing and creative teams to connect, create, and collaborate without leaving their applications. Creatives spend less time toggling between their apps and your DAM. Marketers are able to approve and publish content faster. And your customers get the content they want — when they want it.

Asset automation

The number of customer channels has exploded. The amount of personalization you’re doing is growing. And the speed at which you have to work is only getting faster. Yet your teams aren’t getting any bigger. That’s why automating time-consuming tasks and workflows is essential. In the IDC report, The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, respondents report substantial gains in content velocity, time to market, and team productivity using Adobe Experience Manager Assets. It’s not just a faster way to work, it’s a smarter way.

Rich media delivery

According to Forrester Research, today’s consumers are looking for rich media content, with videos ranking in the top five preferred types. But delivering dynamic, interactive, or adaptive streaming video that’s optimized for every screen takes time. Lots of time. In Forrester’s 2018 Digital Asset Management Wave, Adobe scored highest for video and emerging content support. Our robust video capabilities and the most advanced rich media support make it easy to deliver rich, dynamic, and great-looking content. At unprecedented speeds.

“Adobe Experience Manager is key to helping us create personal and local experiences for all customers while improving manageability and cost efficiencies.”

Felix Wenger, Head Channel and Distribution (Retail and Affluent), Raiffeisen

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.