With the advent of the CSS @font-face rule and the expansion of font services, web designers and developers have the ability to enrich the look and feel of their websites and realize beneficial improvements in their workflows through the use of web fonts. When you use fonts in our products we may ask you to confirm you hold the proper license for the intended use. We do so out of respect for the work and livelihood of typeface designers and in an effort to help keep users from inadvertently using a font in an unlicensed manner.
Many existing font licenses only allow desktop usage. That is, the license allows the font to be used to create content that is printed or rasterized (as an image), but prohibits the font data from being streamed from a server to a browser. Fortunately, many foundries and webservices are now making fonts available directly to customers with licenses or license extensions that broaden the usage of desktop fonts to include use on the web. Most may charge an additional fee for these extended rights.
A font, whether purchased or integrated with a program, is typically accompanied by an End User License Agreement (EULA) defining what you can and cannot do with the font. Not all EULAs are alike. Your rights to use a font may be more or less restrictive than those of someone who licensed the same font from a different vendor. Before using a font or adding one to your website, please read the EULA carefully to understand your rights. If the EULA doesn't specifically state that a particular use is permitted (e.g. as a web font), then it probably isn't. If you are unsure of your usage rights, it is best to contact the vendor from which you licensed the font. If you have misplaced the EULA you might ask for another copy. If you don't know from whom you licensed your font, the information below can help you find out.
Remember good typeface design is a meticulous and time-consuming effort. Please help support the vibrant, creative community of typeface designers by properly licensing the fonts you use.
This list shows one or more vendors which might be the source of your font EULA, based on information found in the font. More font licensing information may be found by clicking on a vendor name.
Vendor source:
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