Time Topic Description
8:30 AM Arrival + Breakfast 
9:00 AM Kick-off
  • Introduction + Warm-up Activities
9:30 AM The New Customer Decision Journey
  • Establish a baseline of personal reflection on the current state of marketing at your company
  • Define the new consumer decision journey model
  • Level set on core user-centered design concepts and language
11:00 AM Lifecycle Mapping
  • Create macro-level journey maps based on personas' lifetime experience
  • Create macro-level journeys and identify priorities
12:00 PM Lunch 
1:00 PM Process Mapping 
  • Mix up the groups and bring the mapping experience to a micro-level by mapping the product/service journey, onboarding, exit, or another process
2:30 PM From Problem to Prototype
  • Participants self-select into groups based on problems they want to tackle
  • Brainstorm solutions and discuss ways to experiment and measure solutions
  • Create an action plan for next steps
4:00 PM Bring It On Home
  • Participants discuss key takeaways and commit to taking action
5:00 PM Adjourn