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Skills assessments are the ideal way for you to take control of your career. Individuals and teams find out exactly where they stand—and get a comprehensive development plan to jump from today's skills to tomorrow's success.
Who should take it?

Who should take it?

Everyone: marketers, analysts, program managers, developers, and administrators.
Why take it?

Why take it?

Confirm your digital skills and define individual and team opportunities.
What do I get?

What do I get?

Get a baseline snapshot of your skills and a personalized learning path to drive your progress.

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Adobe Analytics


Available Analytics Assessments

Reports & Analytics User
Analysis Workspace User
Reports & Analytics Advanced Features & Tools
Analytics Implementation
Report Builder
Adobe Audience Manager


Available Audience Manager Assessments

AAM Business UserNew
Adobe Campaign


Available Campaign Assessments

Campaign Standard Business User
Campaign Classic Business User
Campaign Standard Developer
Campaign Classic Developer
Adobe Experience Manager


Available AEM Assessments

AEM Sites Author
AEM Sites Front End Developer
AEM Sites Back End Developer
AEM System Administrator
AEM Power User
AEM Assets Manager
Adobe Target


Available Target Assessments

Target Foundations
Target Recommendations
Target Automated Personalization
Target Optimizing Search
Target Audience Sharing

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Individual Skills Assessment

Individual Skills Assessments

Test how your individual skills stack up. Get a custom learning plan and pave your path to success.
Group Skills Assessment

Group Skills Assessments

Identify your team's opportunities and strengths. Get personalized development plans and training recommendations.